Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Different Kind Of Throwback Thursday

While looking for a picture of my cute kids to post for Throwback Thursday, I came across a post that made me smile.

It also made me realize just how far I've come.

September 29, 2007

So, I am struggling with a decision. I cannot decide if I should enroll in school for spring semester. I would have to do online classes for now, because of Josh's work schedule. Those darn kids require 24 hour supervision...where was that in the manual? Huh? :)

I have been thinking about it for years and even got accepted to a local university a few years ago. Then, I discovered I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter and decided to put it on hold.

However, now, I am realizing that if I am ever to achieve my dream of being a RN in labor and delivery...I'll need to just deal with the challenges of being a Mom in school. But, at the same time, I don't want to over-stress myself to the point that I am impossible to be around.

I know that all my pre-requisites can be done online and at the rate I will have to take them, will take me at least a couple years. Then, I will have to re-evaluate my life before applying to nursing school.

To add to it, Josh also wants to go back to school. He realizes that a degree will take him further in his job and *BONUS*...his work will pay for it. We are hoping that we can qualify for enough grant money to off-set my schooling costs.

So, I pose some questions:
-Can we be effective parents while attending school?
-Will my children suffer by having parents that work and attend school?
-Will we even be able to handle the stress of this added responsibility?

Roughly six years and seven months from the day that I posted that...I will be graduating, with honors, from nursing school.


So, were we effective parents? I think so. We added Peanut to the mix since then and didn't lose any of the others in the process. That's not too shabby.

Have the children suffered? Yes. I won't sugarcoat things by pretending that they haven't. There are days that have been hard and days that I have been in a bad mood. I know that I have been hard to handle at times, for everyone in my life. Did they also learn independence and what determination can do? Yes.

Did I handle the stress? Yes.

I didn't say I handled it gracefully...but I handled it.