Saturday, October 4, 2014

It Really Does Matter

We make excuses for our decisions, every day.

You do it.

I do it.

Everyone does it.

We tell ourselves that this choice or that choice doesn't really matter. That it isn't a big deal.

That's a lie.

It really does matter.

This is never more apparent than now, as I mother these five little humans. My choices and actions teach them, a million times a day. How I respond to their needs and wants tells them how important (or not) I feel that they are. Now, of course they are important, but do my actions show them that?

How I react to their fights, their fits, their own poor really does matter.
How I show them I love them, not just with words, but with time and really does matter.
How I choose to acknowledge and really does matter.

If they really are my greatest pleasure and accomplishment and blessing...I better be making choices that support this.

It really does matter.


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