Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Night Shift

Night shift is not for the weak, my friends.  I go to my shift exhausted and then, by some cruel twist of fate...I come home wide awake. Sleeping during the day, when life is occurring for the rest of my world, is damn near impossible. So far, I've managed to get 3-5 hours of sleep, before giving up. Then, I just wander through the rest of the day in a near catatonic state.

Precepting in labor and delivery has been interesting. Far more entertaining than the actual work I'm supposed to be doing, is observing and being a part of, the silliness that occurs around 11 pm, followed by the hysteria that hits around 2 am, among the other staff. By 5 am, my eyes glaze over and I barely know my own name. 

Working a night shift at my actual job is a different story. The hustle and bustle and crazy that occurs during the day is put to bed by 10 pm and the building is eerily quiet. There are no extra staff walking around, there are minimal resident requests and my eyelids grow heavy by 1:30 am. Being able to do homework is about the only advantage to this shift. Otherwise, I miss the interaction with my people...listening to their snoring just isn't the same.

If anything, I've discovered that night shift is not for me. I require far too much chaos, in order to function. I don't handle down time well; I would much rather be running my ass off for 12 hours, instead of fighting to stay awake. Bless the night owls that enjoy this shift. I will remain happy to relieve your sleepy corpse at sunrise.

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