Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Post Will Probably Bore You...

...unless you are a relative. Maybe even then, too. ;)

We have been super busy this last month, with extracurricular activities. I have been less than stellar about doing blog posts for each of them, so you get them all shoved down your throat in one sitting.
You. Are. Welcome.

Bailey has been in dance for the last year and they recently had their end of the year recital.
I am so proud of the dancer she has become!

  Bay's Lyrical Dance


Bay's Jazz Dance

Ryleigh started gymnastics in the fall, was asked to join the pre-competition team a month later and  has now made the competition team for next year. I'm so super proud of this girl.

Ry's Floor Routine

Ry on the Uneven Bars

Ry's Beam Routine

Avery tested for her yellow belt. She was the first person that her Master has ever awarded the splits badge to. 

She has done great at her tournaments (she is in blue) and has learned a lot.

She has a mean little kick!
Third place! Great job!
I love seeing how far Luke has progressed in just a year. (Red gear)

He loves board breaking.
He broke three boards at this tournament, this last board was broken with the most perfect back kick!
He went up against three other kids at this tournament for board breaking and took first place!
Luke (red gear) has done really well in sparring, also. 
He took second place!
These are their certificates and new yellow belts!
I'm so proud of how hard these two have worked!

My little champions!
Peanut is the shyest...and the cutest...ballerina I have ever seen. 

 Peanut's Ballet

Peanut's Tap
LOVED watching her sing at her end of the year preschool program!

"I Got Personality!" Preschool Program

My preemie princess finished her first year of preschool?!?!
Where does the time go?
I am so proud of this little Peanut.
Susan G. Komen - 5K for Breast Cancer


Sunday, May 19, 2013

What A Weekend

Yesterday should have been Jared's 31st is four years since Mom passed away.

Yeah, I've been crying. A lot.

I still feel like my children were so incredibly robbed by having these two people taken from their lives. They should have their Uncle Jared and their Grandma here to love and support them. I'm not taking away from those that are here, and who do love and support them. I'm so thankful for these people...but I guess I'm greedy and I want more.

We spent last night with all of Josh's siblings, their spouses and children. Jared loved to request Mom's chimichangas for his birthday dinner, so we made them and hung out for several hours. I love watching all of our children play together and laughing over old memories.

Cancer has changed our family. Cancer has robbed our family of time. Of love. Of memories that will never be made. Cancer sucks.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Mr. Man!

My little man is growing up. 

Lukey is such an amazing kid. He has not only survived, but THRIVED, while living in an estrogen-filled home. ;) He has the most tender heart and when it gets broken, oh boy...those big brown eyes are so sad. He is rambunctious and hyper and crazy...but he also loves to snuggle and watch movies. He is fantastic about unloading the dishwasher every day and he loves fixing things. (Basically, I'm raising the perfect future husband for a lucky someone out there...) ;)

He is an amazing student. He really buckled down and improved his cursive this year. I can't wait to see what he accomplishes in second grade, next year. Lukey also started Taekwondo last fall and has already progressed to a yellow belt! He took 1st place in board breaking, 2nd place in sparring and 3rd place in sparring at a couple of tournaments this year. I love how hard he has worked.

Forever the comedian.
Playing with the peacocks at the Tracy Aviary.

First day of 1st grade.

Look at those big brown eyes! They melt me!

My scary ninja

Candy! Candy! Candy!
He's quite the artist. ;)

He loves bowling and the arcade.

What a stud! 

Testing for his yellow belt (along with Avers!)

I hope he's always a Momma's boy. His giggles make my heart sing.
You are one amazing kid! You say the most absolutely hilarious things and I love how you think. You recently asked me if the reason we couldn't have any more babies is because I ran out of centipedes in my belly. :) One day I'll have your Dad explain all that to you. You give the very best hugs and you can be the most thoughtful person I have ever met. I'm so proud of how well you do in school and how hard you work. You have improved so much, and grown up so much this year. Your laugh is infectious and I love that everyone thinks you look like a little mini-me. I love you, my son. I hope this next year is as amazing and perfect and wonderful as you are.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer is Approaching

It is the kids' last full week of school (even though they don't know it). We leave for our surprise vacation in nine days and it is highly possible that I will lose my ever loving mind before then.

End of year programs, field trips, dance recitals, gymnastic programs, preschool graduation...whoa. Every day has been chuck full of running, running and more running (and not the kind I should be doing, either!). Where does the time go? I feel like I'm constantly chasing one thing after another...and in the middle of it all, my babies are growing up!

Bay is finishing elementary school this year and is so excited to start junior high next year. I'm not ready for that...but she doesn't seem to care. ;) She completed Latin with flying colors and is somewhat happy about starting a Spanish class next year. (I'm MUCH happier...Spanish I can help with...Latin was a struggle...) She improved so much in dance this year and I can't wait to see what next year has to offer.

Ry is finishing up 4th grade. She was recently tested to see if she could be placed in an 8th grade math class next year. She didn't quite pass, but will be joining a 7th grade class. She's amazing. She also made competition team in gymnastics, so on top of school she will be in the gym with her team over ten hours a week. I'm so proud of her.

Avers is almost done with 2nd grade! She has done really well and I'm really happy with the improvement she has made. She has moved up to a yellow belt in Taekwondo and competed in a few tournaments this year. She has impressed me with the changes she has experienced in the last couple years. She still struggles (don't we all?), but overall she is doing fantastic!

Lukey rocked first grade. His cursive is so nice (he should give penmanship lessons to his Dad!) and his reading is impressive! He also moved up to a yellow belt in Taekwondo and competed in a few tournaments. He shocked me with his board breaking skills and beat out four other children to take first place in his age group!

Peanut is finishing up her first year of preschool and did great! She can write her name, along with a few other words and do simple math. She absolutely loved her dance class and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her ballet and tap performances. My perfect preemie princess isn't so little anymore!

I can't believe how much life has changed during this school year. How much we have been through, struggled through, laughed through and loved through. I'm excited (and scared) to see what next year will bring...AFTER I enjoy the hell out of summer break! ;)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Paytyn's Army

My children...surprise even me, sometimes.

They attend a local charter school where the class sizes are smaller. The students  interact at a very young grade with those outside of their classroom. (Imagine a middle school changing classrooms every period...this concept is embraced at the youngest of age, in order to teach them on their level, independent of their grade level.) Due to this, students are closer with each other and know those even outside of their grade.

A student in the kindergarten class, Paytyn, is in need of every one's help...and my children were happy to step up. Paytyn is battling cancer and according to his blog his doctors have given him a 10% chance of living through another year. Imagine facing the prospect that in one year time, you will have to say "see you later" to one of the littlest members of your family. My heart breaks for them all.

Because of this, "Pennies for Paytyn" was born, at my children's charter school. They wanted to help offset some of the astronomical medical costs that his family is facing and encouraged all the students to bring in their pennies. My children...raced home and asked for money.

I love their willingness to help, but I realized that this would be a great moment to really teach them about giving from their heart. I commended them for wanting to help Paytyn and his family, but I told them that if they wanted to give to him, they needed to give their own money that they have been saving. I told them that whatever amount they chose to donate, I would match that amount.

Some of my children are great at saving their money...others are not. However, I was surprised to see how willingly they gave; one of them even zeroing out their entire account (which may have not been the largest amount to begin with...but it was everything they had), to give to Paytyn. Overall, these fab four are donating $49! I could not be more proud of my children...or thankful for my children...than I am today. What absolutely amazing little people they are.

If you would like to be amazing too, please visit his blog "Paytyn's Army" and donate today. In the very least, stop by and read his story. It will change your life.