Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Dear Peanut,
Happy birthday, my baby girl. The last five years have flown by! This year you have transformed into a little person with your own thoughts, ideas and sense of humor. You definitely get your sense of humor from me...witty with just enough sass. ;)
You are so incredibly smart, my girl. You impress me with how quickly you pick up concepts and your understanding of sarcasm. You will stand up to anyone, no matter how big or small; your fiery temperament tells me that you will not let people push you around and for that...I am thankful. You are also so incredibly tender. You are the first one to great me with hugs and kisses and you love to hold my hand. You randomly spout off, "Mom! You're the best!" or "Mom! I love you this big!". It melts me into a mushy puddle.
My little caboose...I can't imagine a better way to complete a chapter of my life. You have been such a blessing to our family and to my soul. I love you, Peanut butter. To the moon and back. Happy, happy birthday.

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