Saturday, November 23, 2013

Don't Worry, Be Happy

What do you need to be happy? When you break your emotional well-being down to its very core, what is necessary for you to have in your life, for you to thrive?

Im a girl. My needs and wants are subject to change, based on the music playing on the radio at the moment, or the clothes I'm wearing that day. (Aren't women FUN?) 

Today, this is what I need to be happy...

I need to feel loved. I need laughter; I need to laugh and make others laugh. I need to feel wanted. I need consistency and follow through from other people. I need reassurance. I need hugs on bad days, without asking for them. I need to feel needed. I need to serve other people. I need to feel like I make a difference and that I've contributed to the greater good. I need to feel passion in my life; passion for others and passion for my career. I need the feeling of accomplishment and achievement. Big or small. I need to be allowed to be irrational...and then be allowed to say I'm sorry to whomever I hurt. I need to be working on a goal. Always. I need new experiences so I don't feel stagnant. 

I need people who allow me to be unapologetically ME.  

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