Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Makes Someone Beautiful?

A letter to my children...

What is beauty? Is it skinny legs and a tiny waist? Is it a perfect nose and long hair? Is it blue eyes? Brown eyes? Green eyes? Perfect teeth? A certain number on the scale?

These things may fall into some people's idea of what attractiveness is, but these things are not what makes someone beautiful.

Beautiful is a tired mother, pushing her giggling toddler on a swing, on a lazy fall afternoon.
Beautiful are the hands of an elderly couple, linked by love, hardship, commitment and six decades.
Beautiful is a mind that is able to respect different ideas, without needing to approve of them.
Beautiful is the teacher who stays after school, to help the struggling student with his reading.
Beautiful is the soul of the victim, who has forgiven.
Beautiful are those that build up the worth of others.
Beautiful is the woman who stands up for herself and her family.
Beautiful is the sound of the wind, blowing through the autumn trees.
Beautiful is the man with tough hands, calming a crying newborn.
Beautiful is the drive to follow your passions, even if the drive leads you off road.
Beautiful are the eyes of the dying; all "worldly" problems have been stripped away.
Beautiful are the arms of a mother, comforting her child.
Beautiful is a cancer survivor.
Beautiful is the lap of a grandparent; from where all the best stories are told.
Beautiful is self confidence, self worth and self reliance.

Beauty is more than how you look, my children; it is in who you are. Beauty is in the way you are kind to those that may not deserve it and in the way you help those that can't repay you. Beautiful is when you are a voice for someone that doesn't have one; when you stand up for those that can't stand up for themselves. Beauty is in knowing who you are and never apologizing for it or defending it. Being beautiful is not about the clothes you wear, what your body looks like or how big your bank account is.  Beauty is about the smile you wear, what your soul feels like and how big your heart is.

You are the most beautiful people I have ever known.


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