Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Don't Know All The Answers

We've all hit our breaking point.
There have been threats made.
I fear...for our future.

No, seriously, this semester blows. I don't know if it's because we are all just burnt out, all working in the medical field now, along with school or the fact that our guidance has been less than stellar. Or a combination of the above.

Regardless...it blows.

My class is in a constant stage of "let's-quit-and-run-away." (And burn the building down, on our way out.)

I've taken a lot of online courses in my time. Hell, I've been a college student for the last 7-ish years. This isn't my first rodeo. I know how they work. Or, rather...how they should work. I should get power points. For every class, for every week. I should get a lecture. Recorded, live, something. I should get some kind of interaction with my professor that doesn't involve him/her blaming the class for being shitty. I should get some assistance, not a determination that our work ethic sucks and we just need to buck up.

If everyone could learn to be a nurse just by being assigned 100 pgs of reading, in scattered areas of a few books, and then being tested on it...everyone would be nurses. This isn't a driver's ed booklet, for hell's sake.

Engage me!
Teach me!
Break it down into simpler terms!
Tell me stories by relating the concept to a patient you've dealt with!

Don't admit to me that you don't know the answers to the test I'm taking. Don't admit to me that in order to correct my assignment, you had to consult a nurse who actually works in that field. Don't become frustrated that I don't know all the answers, when it's been made clear time and time again...that you don't either.

Am I blaming? Maybe. Am I frustrated? Absolutely. Could I give school more of my time and attention. Of course. We all could. But...there comes a point where priorities have to dictate. There comes a point where kids, family, work...they all take priority.

Telling us that we suck and that we're going to be nursing school drop-outs isn't the solution.

It's the problem.

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