Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Angry Momma Bear

I'm a rational human being.

I can see both sides to any situation and most of the time, I can argue for either side. (Really should have gone to law school, huh?)

This applies, even in situations with my kids. I'm not the crazy Mom that thinks her kids are perfect. If there is a fight going on with a neighbor kid, I know there is a 50% chance that it is my kid's fault. I don't assume my kids are perfect...because they aren't.

When it comes to my kids and school, I know that I expect a lot. I want them to learn from my journey and attempt to avoid the hardships and challenges I've faced. When something is going on with them in regards to school, I do not blame the teacher. Or the school. Or anyone else on faculty. I want to get to the bottom of a situation and solve it, but I'm not one to lay blame.

Avery has a F in history. She has one missing assignment, that is causing this F. Avery swears she handed it in. Avery says her teacher says she didn't. Avery says her teacher won't print her another one, because Avery needs to find her missing paper.

What does the teacher say about this?

I. Don't. Know. See...when I've reached out to the teacher to get her side and her guidance, I've not been responded to. When Josh has reached out to the teacher, he has not been responded to.

That irks me.

We are the parents of a student in your class. We deserve a response.

Five days ago, I sent this:

Dear History Teacher,

I am writing in regards to Avery Garrard. She currently has an F in history and when I asked her about the missing assignments she is adamant that she handed them in. I'm not agreeing with her, but I'm wondering what we can do at this point in regards to the missing work. Avery's medication dosage was recently doubled by her psychiatrist and unfortunately one of the short term side effects is forgetfulness. I don't say this to make an excuse for her, but perhaps to explain that she is not being difficult on purpose. We've seen an increase in her leaving homework and study materials at school, since the dosage increase. If it doesn't resolve soon and continues to affect her schoolwork, we do have a plan in place, with the guidance of her psychiatrist, to hopefully remedy the situation. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do.

The Mom

I got nothing. Nothing. Not even a "Hey, got your email, but I'm gonna be super busy for the next week and will respond when I can."

So, today I sent an email to her main teacher:

Dear Main Teacher,

I reached out to The History Teacher on 10/3 in regards to Avery’s grade. I have not gotten a reply and Avery is still showing as having a F in history. Do you have any suggestions for me? I’m not asking for special treatment for Avery, I would just like it to be acknowledged that we ARE aware of this situation and asking for guidance. I would hate to see her remain at an F because of one missing assignment, that Avery still to this day says that she handed it in. I’ve checked on Compass and unfortunately there is not a way for me to print the assignment.
I welcome any help that you can give me.

The Mom

Now? Now I'm becoming frustrated. And angry. And turning into a Momma Bear.

I can't do my job as the parent, if someone is unwilling to do their job as a teacher. I know teachers have a lot on their plates. I'm not disregarding that at all. I think teachers are amazing and underpaid and underappreciated. I appreciate everything that all of my children's teachers do. I just want to be acknowledged, as a parent trying to do her best, that my concerns are being listened to.

It doesn't help that this is the second teacher that I have opened up to, a little bit, about Avery's situation, who has ignored me. This happened last year, as well. Why can't I just get someone, anyone, to recognize the struggles that I...the struggles that AVERY...faces on a daily basis? I don't want special treatment. I don't want her to float by on her "excuse". I just want someone to take the time to say that they see her. Just see my child and who she is!

I will never stop fighting for her.

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Amy said...

I just read this an although it was two months ago, I hope things improved! I agree, teachers and parents aren't perfect but we have to work together for the students' benefit!