Sunday, September 15, 2013

Thirty-two Things I've Learned This Year

1. The older I get, the faster time goes.
2. Time heals all wounds; but scars can remain forever. 
3. Some people will surprise you. Let them. 
4. Some people will not surprise you. Don't let it ruin your life. 
5. I am lucky to have family. Family I was born into, family I married into, family I created and family I chose. 
6. The stress of keeping a secret, like a surprise vacation out of the country, was totally worth it. 
7. I can handle far more than I give myself credit for. 
8. You can point one finger and judge...or extend five fingers to offer service and comfort. The choice is yours, but remember that it speaks volumes about who YOU are...not the person you are condemning. 
9. Thirteen miles is every bit as painful as I assumed it would be. 
10. I can argue any side of any debate. I see this as evidence of an open mind. My husband sees this as being unable to win an argument. Ever. 
11. I have had the good sense to surround myself with people who have immeasurable amounts of patience. 
12. You can only control yourself; no one else. Likewise, no one has control over me. 
13.  Angels really are among us. I'm reminded of this daily. 
14. I am grateful for my troubles. In all reality, my troubles are minimal compared to what others endure. 
15. A hug can solve a lot. A good cry can solve what a hug can't. For everything else...there is wine. 
16. I underestimate my children's abilities. 
17. Having my first child start junior high was every bit as traumatic as I thought it would be. 
18. Nursing truly is my calling. It is hard, emotionally, physically and even spiritually...but I know, without a doubt, that I was born to be a nurse. 
19. Love is messy. 
20. It can be hard to walk away from things and say good-bye...even when the change is something you want. 
21. Know who you can count on and who you can't. Do not confuse the two and you will rarely be disappointed. Perhaps surprised...but rarely disappointed. 
22. I cannot be everything to everyone. 
23. Living your life your way may mean that some people choose not to walk your path with you. Allow them to self select out. Their time in your life is over and their purpose has been served. Wish them well. 
24. I appreciate time with my children now, more than ever. They are growing so fast. 
25. Do not be afraid to try new things. Try everything once. 
26. Broomsticks are useful. Random crap you learn as a nurse. No...I will not explain that one. 
27. Everyone has a story. 
28. Apologize when you are wrong. Mean it. 
29. I am responsible for my own happiness. No other person on this planet can define my happiness better than I can. 
30. I am terrified of dying alone. I want to be surrounded by love, when I go. 
31. I do not need to control 100% of things, 100% of the time. 
32. Love is personal. Do not try to define someone else's love and do not allow someone else to write your definition of love. Replace the word "love" with "life" and this statement still holds true. 
Happy 32nd birthday to me. :)


Amy said...

Hi - I'm so glad you are posting again. I follow and read each post - a fellow RN, mom, wife, and after reading this post - Virgo.

I live in Utah - work in SLC, PC, and Orem. Maybe our paths will cross.

I'm inspired to write out a list for my upcoming birthday. It will be a little longer than yours. Just a little. :)

Thx for the blog - your words are beautiful, kind, funny, and insightful. Amy

Leeann said...

Such sweet words, Amy. I hope our paths do cross one day! :)