Friday, September 20, 2013

I Am A Nurse

I am a nurse.

Sometimes, I leave for work when it's dark...and I get home when it's dark.

Sometimes, I cry for you and your family. It's in the hall. It's in the bathroom. It's in my car. You never see it. But, I do.

Sometimes, I go my entire shift without eating a single bite. Of anything. For twelve plus hours.

Sometimes, I have to keep my "nurse face" on, while holding in my hands your poop. Or puke. Or...I don't even know what.

Sometimes, I'm scared. I don't always know what the answer is.

Sometimes, I see you at your most...intimate moments. It really is okay. I don't mind.

Sometimes, I see you at your most personal moments...thank you for allowing me to care for you.

Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night, worried about you.

Sometimes, I don't sit down for entire shift. My back aches. My feet ache. My head aches.

Sometimes, I go home covered in things that no one should be covered in.

Sometimes, I miss an entire day in the life of my that I can take care of yours.

I never deserve to be yelled at, or talked down to. Especially when the matter is trivial in the "real world"...let alone the world where I am caring for your ill family member.

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