Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Letter To Myself

Hey, you.

Yes, you.

You thought you couldn't do it, huh? You thought you would fail and have to deal with the embarrassment. You questioned your choice to give so much time and energy toward something that you might not be good enough to accomplish. You wondered how you would face the world...as a failure. You were already ashamed of yourself.

You were wrong. 

You did it.

You passed the NCLEX.

"I'm going to be a nurse one day" has now turned into "I'm a nurse. I'm. A. Freaking. Nurse."

Have a little faith in yourself, would you?

Now...go find a job. ;)

1 comment:

Pamela said...

Congratulations!!! I've been following your journey because I know the challenges going back to school after having kids. I remember graduating with my teaching degree after 5 long years of balancing home and school and being a wife and mother and having troubling believing that I had, in fact, made it to the end. Enjoy basking in your success and celebrating with your family that you have ALL made it through! Good luck on the job hunt!