Friday, June 7, 2013

SURPRISE!! (Day Two)

Day two, our first full day at the resort, we woke up to birds screaming outside our windows, at 7 am. So much for sleeping in on vacation...but we didn't care. We woke up in paradise and we wanted to enjoy every. single. minute. of it. After getting dressed, we all walked down to breakfast, enjoying our amazing view along the way.

Bay's tummy wasn't feeling too great, but everyone else sure enjoyed everything the breakfast buffet had to offer!

One of my favorite pictures of me and my two oldest. Where does the time go?

After breakfast we hit the pool! I have never seen a pool this large; it wrapped around a big chunk of the area between two buildings and had three bridges over it, to help maneuver from place to place. It was surrounded by lounge chairs, hammocks, lounge chairs in the water, palapas and had a swim up pool bar. 

While we were swimming, one of the scuba instructors, Adam, offered to give us all a short little lesson on scuba diving. None of us had been exposed to that before, so we were really excited to give it a try! Peanut was too little, sadly, to fit in the equipment, but she did great cheering us on! We paired off and started our lessons. Ry and Luke went first and they took to it like champs! I was shocked with how easy they made it look! 

When Ry and Luke were done, Bay and Avery had a turn. Once again, they suited up and swam away like pros!

Next, Bek and I got ready. Bek doesn't know how to swim...or even really float, for that matter, so I didn't know how she would do with this. Apparently, all the girl needs is a set of flippers! Personally, I was surprised with how easy it was to adapt to breathing under water. All I could hear was my own breath and it was incredibly relaxing. When we travel again, if time allows, I would LOVE to take the classes to become certified. (Which, I know that I can do here at home, but how awesome would it be to certify in the Caribbean???) It was amazing and I'm so glad that I tried it!

Originally, because Peanut was too little, Josh was going to sit out with her, but it ended up working out that I could just take her and Josh got a turn to try. Like me, he loved it and would love to certify one day.

Random pool pics
We decided to dry off and go have some lunch after scuba diving. Avery even tried muscles and LOVED them! I loved that the kids were able to try all sorts of different foods and drinks that we don't have on a typical day. Except for Peanut...that kid ate Jell-o at every single meal, the entire time we at the resort. I had no idea that the kid was so Jell-o deprived! 

After lunch, it was BEACH TIME! I absolutely adore the ocean and haven't been in one since our San Diego trip in 2009. I was long overdue for some waves and sand! The water was so warm, that it felt like bath water. The general consensus from the kids was that most of them liked the pool better. The waves caught them off guard one too many times and they didn't enjoy the taste of the salty water. Not this momma! I will always be an ocean loving girl!

The buildings throughout the resort were so interesting architecturally. Even though the kids complained a bit about walking, I loved walking through all the different areas, just checking things out. We even came across some coconuts!

Our evening meal was at the steakhouse restaurant. Poor Peanut was exhausted and fell asleep before her dinner came! We all agreed that the food was "meh" and the waiter was a jerk. He seemed irritated by the children (who were all acting completely appropriate) and really gave us some poor service. Thankfully, this was the only sub-par encounter that we had with food or the service, our entire time at the resort.

We went for a quick after dinner swim in the pool and headed to bed around 10 pm. It was hilarious trying to find English-speaking television stations that were playing family-friendly shows. Sometimes we would just give up and deal with the subtitles. :) Our first day in paradise had been a very busy, success!

To be continued...

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