Friday, June 14, 2013

SURPRISE!!! (Day Three)

We got ready for breakfast and encountered several people feeding the iguanas, on the way. They loved little bits of bread and would come scurrying out out the grass and plants to eat! There was a huge chess set off to the side of one of the pools and the kids thought it would be fun to pretend to be pieces. ;)

After breakfast we headed to the beach for a few hours. It was amazing, playing in the waves, laying in the sand and hearing the kids laugh. I will never forget the way they would giggle when a bigger than expected wave took them out, knocking them down. These few hours was exactly what I had pictured when I planned this trip. No stress. No worries. No responsibilities. Just the sand and the surf and laughter. 

We were all exhausted after a few hours, so we stopped by a beach side palapa for some snacks and then...wait for it...we went back to our rooms...and took. a. nap. :) Naps are unheard of, in my life. (Which, actually, I didn't nap. I read my book. But still...quiet time to read?!?!)

On this night we had reservations at the French restaurant. It was beautiful in there and the food was impeccable. I loved that the kids were willing to try foods that they never had before. 

Aren't we cute? :) And getting a wee bit sunburned! 

Upper left, then clockwise: Escargot, Mayan Coffee, Lobster Cappuccino and Chocolate Box
I tried the lobster cappuccino appetizer and it was super...fishy. Not what I expected at all. I loved the lobster chunks, but could have done without the broth. The Mayan Coffee was really, really strong, but good! Ryleigh tried beef wellington and loved it. (Bay's face in that photo is hilarious!)  Bek and Avery tried escargot...and actually liked it! Luke ordered ratatouille for dinner (thanks to the movie) and was disappointed to find out that it is just a plate of vegetables. But he ate most of it anyway. Avery tried lamb for dinner and really liked it, as well. 

After dinner that night, we went back to the pool until close to ten. We had most of the gigantic pool to ourselves and it was fun to snorkel in the dark, with just the underwater lights. We sure slept good, that night!

While looking back over this day, I was shocked with how little pictures I took. While I'm not posting every single photo I took the entire trip (I have close to 700!), there were not a lot of us playing; most of the pictures you see are when we are eating! Does that mean that all we did was eat the entire trip? Well, yes...but then I realized...there are minimal photos, because my kids were playing...and I was playing, too. I was in the sand and in the ocean and in the pool. I was too busy making worry about documenting them.  

"Never get so busy making a living...
that you forget to make a life."

To be continued...

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