Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SURPRISE!!! (Day Four)

We woke up Monday morning and Ry was feeling a wee bit energetic. I was content to sit on the balcony and read...but she wanted to swim. So, off she went, all alone in the pool at 8 am (she is a very strong swimmer and I watched her the entire time from our balcony) and plunged in!

Once we were all dressed for the day and looking quite...uh...classy...we headed to breakfast. By now, our "little" family was well known by the restaurants we frequented and our waiter, Carlos, was always quick to wave us over to his section.

Notice the Coke in Luke's lap. This vacation was the first and only time I have ever let my children have caffeinated beverages. (I can't speak for their father, but they know that is Mommy's rule.) They are hyper enough and they don't need any help! was vacation, after all. When is there a better time to break rules, if not on vacation? However, what happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico. No more Coke (we don't drink a lot of soda anyway) now that we are home.
We spent the morning frolicking in the pools and then headed for a snack. (See? Again...not a lot of photos. I finally figured out how to be in the moment and put. the. damn. camera. down.)

I was happy to discover that I could still get my "green juice" at the resort. I believe the one pictured below was celery, spinach and cucumber. Who says you can't be healthy on vacation? (Would someone PLEASE alert my scale that I made attempts to be healthy on vacation?!?!) Luke, however, not so much. He became a piƱa colada addict and then...he discovered hot dogs wrapped in bacon. *slaps forehead* I kids do not eat like this in the States. Bek happily discovered seafood...but, I believe she came to the conclusion that the work to get the edible parts out of the shell wasn't worth it. (Crazy chick! Seafood, of any kind, is ALWAYS worth the work!)

After our lunch/snack/too much food, we dropped the kids off at the kids club. We had promised them that we would only be gone a few hours and only do it this one time, just so the adults could have some time to swim, without worrying that someone was drowning. (Little did we know that the three younger kids would LOVE it so much that they would beg to go back every day until we left!) We wanted to check out the adult only pool and figured this would be our only chance. "Adult Only"...sounds awesome, huh? Meh. We were bored and left after about 20 minutes. It was quiet and...boring. There was actually a lady just walking the pool...reading her book. Props to it being 50 Shades of Gray, at least. ;) We much preferred the people watching of the main pool and spent the rest of the afternoon there. When we picked the kids up, we discovered...they looked a little different...

For dinner that night, we went to a place that has a menu similar to Tepanyaki. I was super excited about the sushi and so were the kids! Well...some of them...

Avery, Peanut and Ry refused to touch the sushi and we already knew that Bay really loves it. Luke...he decided to give it a go, for the first time.

1. Dip in soy sauce.
2. Pose for picture.
3. Insert in mouth.
4. Contemplate.
5. IT'S GOOD!!
Cute girls!

After dinner, we had the pool to ourselves again, and we took full advantage! We knew that our days in Mexico were numbered and we weren't ready to say "hasta la vista" to the Barcelo Palace, yet!

(To be continued...)

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