Sunday, May 19, 2013

What A Weekend

Yesterday should have been Jared's 31st is four years since Mom passed away.

Yeah, I've been crying. A lot.

I still feel like my children were so incredibly robbed by having these two people taken from their lives. They should have their Uncle Jared and their Grandma here to love and support them. I'm not taking away from those that are here, and who do love and support them. I'm so thankful for these people...but I guess I'm greedy and I want more.

We spent last night with all of Josh's siblings, their spouses and children. Jared loved to request Mom's chimichangas for his birthday dinner, so we made them and hung out for several hours. I love watching all of our children play together and laughing over old memories.

Cancer has changed our family. Cancer has robbed our family of time. Of love. Of memories that will never be made. Cancer sucks.

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