Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Post Will Probably Bore You...

...unless you are a relative. Maybe even then, too. ;)

We have been super busy this last month, with extracurricular activities. I have been less than stellar about doing blog posts for each of them, so you get them all shoved down your throat in one sitting.
You. Are. Welcome.

Bailey has been in dance for the last year and they recently had their end of the year recital.
I am so proud of the dancer she has become!

  Bay's Lyrical Dance


Bay's Jazz Dance

Ryleigh started gymnastics in the fall, was asked to join the pre-competition team a month later and  has now made the competition team for next year. I'm so super proud of this girl.

Ry's Floor Routine

Ry on the Uneven Bars

Ry's Beam Routine

Avery tested for her yellow belt. She was the first person that her Master has ever awarded the splits badge to. 

She has done great at her tournaments (she is in blue) and has learned a lot.

She has a mean little kick!
Third place! Great job!
I love seeing how far Luke has progressed in just a year. (Red gear)

He loves board breaking.
He broke three boards at this tournament, this last board was broken with the most perfect back kick!
He went up against three other kids at this tournament for board breaking and took first place!
Luke (red gear) has done really well in sparring, also. 
He took second place!
These are their certificates and new yellow belts!
I'm so proud of how hard these two have worked!

My little champions!
Peanut is the shyest...and the cutest...ballerina I have ever seen. 

 Peanut's Ballet

Peanut's Tap
LOVED watching her sing at her end of the year preschool program!

"I Got Personality!" Preschool Program

My preemie princess finished her first year of preschool?!?!
Where does the time go?
I am so proud of this little Peanut.
Susan G. Komen - 5K for Breast Cancer


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