Friday, May 10, 2013

Paytyn's Army

My children...surprise even me, sometimes.

They attend a local charter school where the class sizes are smaller. The students  interact at a very young grade with those outside of their classroom. (Imagine a middle school changing classrooms every period...this concept is embraced at the youngest of age, in order to teach them on their level, independent of their grade level.) Due to this, students are closer with each other and know those even outside of their grade.

A student in the kindergarten class, Paytyn, is in need of every one's help...and my children were happy to step up. Paytyn is battling cancer and according to his blog his doctors have given him a 10% chance of living through another year. Imagine facing the prospect that in one year time, you will have to say "see you later" to one of the littlest members of your family. My heart breaks for them all.

Because of this, "Pennies for Paytyn" was born, at my children's charter school. They wanted to help offset some of the astronomical medical costs that his family is facing and encouraged all the students to bring in their pennies. My children...raced home and asked for money.

I love their willingness to help, but I realized that this would be a great moment to really teach them about giving from their heart. I commended them for wanting to help Paytyn and his family, but I told them that if they wanted to give to him, they needed to give their own money that they have been saving. I told them that whatever amount they chose to donate, I would match that amount.

Some of my children are great at saving their money...others are not. However, I was surprised to see how willingly they gave; one of them even zeroing out their entire account (which may have not been the largest amount to begin with...but it was everything they had), to give to Paytyn. Overall, these fab four are donating $49! I could not be more proud of my children...or thankful for my children...than I am today. What absolutely amazing little people they are.

If you would like to be amazing too, please visit his blog "Paytyn's Army" and donate today. In the very least, stop by and read his story. It will change your life.


Courtney said...

That's inspiring. Stopped by the blog and donated in honor of your generous kiddos. :)

Sally Matchell said...

Just sent some money his way.. No amount seems sufficient. :( Praying for him too.

Crystal said...

One more reason That I adore you and your sweet family. I miss you.

Sharon said...

Cried. And donated. Thanks for sharing.