Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 I am not afraid of much in this world.

Spiders. Bellybuttons. Feeling like a failure. Disappointing those I love. The death of my children.

Sadly, all of those fears, except for the last one (I pray!), are encountered in life. You either find a way to deal with them...or you let them eat you alive.

Spiders...well, that's what husbands are for. Or a carefully aimed shoe, from across the room. Bellybuttons...*shudder*...I prefer denial. I pretend they don't exist. (No, I don't know why bellybuttons make me sick...but they do. Yucky little things.) Feeling like a failure is simply that...a feeling. It is usually a fleeting feeling, no matter how heavy it is. I have to pick myself up and carry on.

Disappointing those I love...well...sometimes, I may disappoint those that I love, without intending to. That one is a tricky fear. I can't stand on a chair and scream at someone else's disappointment, like I would with a spider. I can pretend it doesn't exist for a little while...but like bellybuttons, you just know that it is there. I can hope that it is a fleeting feeling, but what if it isn't?

There are times in life, where you have to face disappointment head on with a simple, "I love you. I hope you can still love me, despite our differences."

"There comes that defining moment in our life, 
when we just have to make that life changing decision."

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