Saturday, March 9, 2013

Melody of My Day is the melody of my day. It wakes me in the morning. It follows me throughout the house. It is around every corner and behind every door.

"She hit me!"
"I don't want to do chores!"
"I didn't do it!"
"I'm bored!"
"Put away my laundry?! *pathetic whine*"
"That's not my mess!"

It truly is miraculous that I am not an alcoholic.
Or on some form of a sedative.

I wonder what it would be like if I spent my days whining...

"You want me to pay the mortgage every month?!?"
"I don't want to learn about perfusion, hypoxemia and myocardial infarctions!"
"I'm never bored!"
"Why do you children require dinner every day?!"
"I don't want to drive you to school. I'm too tired!"
"That's not my mess!"

Okay...maybe we have that last one in common. But, truly, I can eat a yogurt without getting it all over the table and the floor and the wall and the cat. 



1 comment:

DizzyMamma said...

Maybe we, as parents, should start to whine in that way to kids..

You want me to clean your clothes again?
Why do I have to do EVERYTHING?!?!?!?!
But I didn't ask to get goldfish and cleaning the tank is ICKY!!!
But I don't want to drive you to school.... I know its minus 24 but I was having a nice dream and you spoilt it..... Eeeeeeuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!

Maybe they might get the idea after a day or two.....