Monday, March 25, 2013

I Cannot Contain My Excitement!

My kids don't read my blog...and by the time they do, this won't matter anymore. I LOVE my children more than life itself and they have put up with A LOT this past year. I have been far away...physically and mentally...a lot of the time, due to school.

I owe them Mommy time. EXTREME Mommy time. Extreme unplugged Mommy time. No work. No school. No Internet. No phones. No cooking. No laundry. No cleaning.

So, we are surprising them with a trip. On a plane. To somewhere that none of us have ever been before. For an entire week.

In two months, we will be using these:

To go here:

And we will be building these:

And we will be playing here:

And we will be sleeping here:

And we will be trying out snorkeling, so that we can hopefully swim with these guys and his friends:

I (somehow) have to make it through another three weeks of school and finals week. Then I can really start focusing on getting us ready. :) :) :) We have a few surprises planned for them while we are down there, too and I cannot wait to see their faces. I can't wait for any of it!!

So, shhh!!! They think our only family vacation is to Logan this summer, to watch me finish my half marathon.  Umm...nope. Mommy is about to knock your socks off!


It's going to be toes in the sand for seven fantastic days!! :)

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DizzyMamma said...

That looks awesome!! And well deserved by all :-)