Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Beat Her Today

Today, I set out to run 4 miles.

According to my "running plan" I should be running somewhere around 3 miles now. But, I ditched that plan last week. Who needs a running plan, right?

Me! Me! Me! Oh! Oh! Pick me!
*jumps up and down!*

Unfortunately, (or...maybe fortunately...)...my training buddy does not need a running plan and she basically ripped mine up and threw it away last week.

"Let's just go", she says.
"You can do this.", she says.
"You're insane.", I think to myself.

But, last week, when I should have been running 2 miles, I ran 3. And this week, when I should have been running 3 miles, did I run 4? No. No, I didn't. But, I'll get to that in a minute.

Running is getting easier for me. I no longer talk myself out of the run. (As much.) I no longer cramp up. (As much.) I no longer feel like I can't do this. (As much.) I no longer feel like I'm insane for attempting to train for a half marathon. (As much.)

I hit the "runner's high" quicker and it lasts much longer. It used to come in short bursts, only seconds long. I would be lucky to get two, during any given run. Now? Now I feel fantastic for a half mile to a mile at a time. During one of these times, around the two mile mark, is when I decided "Hey! If I do 4.5 miles, that will basically be 1/3 of my half marathon!" (Okay, a little more, but that's okay!)

So, that is how I ran my first ever 4.5 miles. :)

I ran it for all the times I couldn't run a lap around the track without getting completely winded. I ran it for all the times I left the gym crying because I was disappointed in myself. I ran it for all the times I left a dressing room in tears because I couldn't buy an outfit I wanted to. I ran it for all the times I watched a girl at the gym pound out a run, like it was nothing, and I so badly wished that it was me. I ran it for all the times I looked in the mirror and hated my reflection. I ran it for all the times I saw a picture of myself that I was ashamed of.

I ran it for ME. The old ME. The new ME. The ME, yet to be.


Andrea said...

You go, girl! I can't wait till spring finally SPRINGS around here and I can get back to outdoor running!

mel said...

This is AWESOME! You are amazing! I just started running again on Monday after reading a hilarious book about a lady I really connected with, "Honey, do you need a ride? Confessions of a fat runner" haha.

And now knowing I'm only a little over a month behind your beginning 2 mile runs is encouraging for me! I am happy I get to read about your accomplishments, it's very motivating!