Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Fun Day - February

I haven't been updating our Family Fun Days as well as I should be.

Something about working full time and nursing school has me really busy... ;)

This last weekend we went up to Soldier Hollow to go tubing. We love getting out of the house for the day and go flying down hills way faster than one should. ;)

It was a really sunny day, causing the hills to be slower than normal. We all warmed up pretty fast and quickly shed our coats, hats and gloves. After we had all gone down three times, the wind picked up, causing us to quickly put our layers back on, before we got back in line. As we stood there, we watched the next group of people head down the hill. They were flying and several of them were unable to stop, which caused them to crash through the safety netting. One little boy was left with quite the bloody nose and had a look of panic on his face. Soldier Hollow quickly made the decision at that point to shut down the hills. The wind that had rushed in, caused the softened hills to ice over extremely fast and it was no longer safe for any of us.

Thankfully, they were very accommodating and gave us all passes to return at a later date, when it would be safer for everyone. We are going to attempt it again next month (Family Fun Day MARCH!). ;) We took a detour through Park City Main street to show the kids and then took them out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

I felt bad that I hadn't had a chance to get a picture of Josh or Bailey on the hill,
but they were all more than happy to pose at dinner. :)

Peanut laying on her tube. She liked to be pulled around by anyone willing enough to be conned in to it.
Lazy little goober!

Lukey was not afraid at all this year. He loves going down by himself.

Ry was either mine or Bek's buddy.
In all the times we have gone, she has yet to go down by herself,
but I love watching her giggle on the way down the mountain, so it's okay. :)

Avery loves the hills and going down alone.
Big shocker, huh? ;)

Bek's ears got cold (someone forgot her hat...), so she kept putting the warmer packets on her ears.
This was right before they shut the hills down.

It was crazy how warm it first...
We got to work on our tans a little bit! ;)
(I kid. I kid. Everyone had sunblock on. I'm not completely stupid.)

Peanut being pulled up the hill.
The second time up, the poor kid was readjusting and fell off!
I turned around just in time to see her and scoop her up on my lap.

I love that they enjoy these types of activities!

Even though our day got cut short, we still had a lot of fun. I love these days, away from work and homework and chores, when we can just be together, laughing and enjoying each other's company.

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