Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Know You're A Mother When...

...there seems to always be the background noise of someone whining or crying.
...and you can fluently tune it out. know what happened and who did it.
...just by walking past a room.

...there are permanent fingerprints on the glass door, from children drawing in the condensation.
...and you're just happy that they were practicing their cursive.

...poop, puke and snot no longer bother you.
...but a messy house will drive you absolutely insane. no longer ask who did it.
...because you know that bastard named "Not Me!" is the culprit. find a shoe, a pair of scissors and a crayon in the fridge.
...and you reach past it to grab the coffee creamer, without even flinching.

...there is a trail of Cheerios up the stairs.
...and you're just happy that someone read Hansel and Gretel.

...every single light, radio and television is on.
...but no one is home. love your children more than life itself.
...but you love them even more, when they are asleep.

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Those are some good ones. :)