Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What If I Made More Money?

I work for a home inspection company. I look at houses all. day. long. I typically deal with high value houses (read that as: huge freaking houses way out of my price range).

I see 15,000 square foot houses, houses with front doors that cost $50,000 and houses with "domestic help quarters" that cost more than my home. I see houses that have $300,000 swimming pools, nine bedrooms and several kitchens that put my one kitchen, to shame. I see houses that have gold wallpaper, $100,000 driveways and  wine collections that would out do the state of Utah. (Though, honestly, that wouldn't be hard to do.) ;) I see houses with indoor pools, basketball courts, movie theaters and bowling lanes.

Point blank: I see some CRAZY expensive houses.

I often find myself wondering...What if I made more money? What if I had millions of dollars to spend on a house that I could get lost in? Would I do it?

No. I really wouldn't.

I would build a nice home, for sure. It would have adequate space for my family and it would be a home filled with peace and love...I don't want a house filled with things. I would much rather spend my money on traveling the world and exposing my children to the wonders of it, than spend it on a house that feels and looks like a museum. I would rather share my money with the world and see the good that it could do, than buy one more pointless vase, to rest on one more bookshelf, in a forgotten room.

More power to the people that own these homes. I'm not saying that they don't travel the world and that they don't give of their time and money. I'm sure many of them do. Personally, I could just never see myself owning a house, that didn't feel like a home.

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