Thursday, January 24, 2013

Second Semester Is Picking Up Speed!

Well, my semester is revving up, again! Two papers, one assignment  one discussion, two tests and five...or six...or seven chapters of reading this week, will complete week three! So far, the family is holding it together pretty well and slid back into my crazy routine like champs. We'll see what happens when I add clinicals next week. *bites nails*

I'll be doing my clinicals at the hospital this semester, instead of a long term care facility. I will rotate each week, spending a shift in each area of the hospital, as well as traveling elsewhere for a psych rotation, because our hospital does not have a psych unit. We tried to convince our professor that a little time spent at Walmart could count toward our psych rotation, but she wasn't having it. ;) I'm really, really, really excited for my time in labor and delivery and newborn care. I'm really, really, really nervous for my time in the emergency room and psych. I'm really intrigued by my time in the surgical unit. I know I will survive all of my rotations and do fine, but the fear of the unknown can really get into your head. My psych rotation will be at the very end of the semester, so I figure by then I will be completely at my wits end and just ask to stay. ;)

I will be able to test for my LPN this summer and perhaps begin a new career...? It will be scary as hell amazing to start working in the medical field and will give me some much needed experience for after I complete my RN. I still go back and forth about going forward with applying to the bachelors program or not. It is only one more year of school after my RN...but it is one. more. year. I feel like I should apply and let the Universe decide. If I'm meant to get my bachelors right now, I will be admitted, right? :) I have a loooong time (okay, not that long) before I have to worry about it.

On another note, I have something ah-maz-ing planned for the kids when I finish this semester ('s a secret!) and that is the main thing keeping me focused on making it through. If the family can just stick with me through thirteen more weeks, then I will make all of this up to them. I promise. 

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