Friday, March 30, 2012

Gone...But Not Forgotten

When did Facebook become an elementary school playground for adults? Name-calling, bullying tactics, snide remarks, ganging up on each other. Really?

Watch any cyberbullying special on Dateline or 60 Minutes and any normal adult would be shocked at the emotional and mental trauma that our youth now has to endure, in addition to walking the halls at school. Now, stop and realize that Facebook has made it okay...and depending on who you are, funny, to do the same thing to our adult peers. What is that teaching our kids? Our grand kids? Our nieces and nephews? What if the things you are posting were being said about your daughter or son?

I know that from this moment on I will be extra careful about anything I post. What I say out of blind hatred and fury now, I know I will regret later. We've become a society that thinks that the "delete" button forgives us from what we say, but it doesn't. Removing what you say from your timeline doesn't remove the damage that you've caused in someone's life.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Immune System Shot...Patience Gone

I've stalked my nursing school application in every way possible now. I check Weber's website daily to see if they've changed my status from "Nursing School Applicant" to something else. I've called the bank to trace the money order to make sure Weber actually cashed it, on time. (They did.) I've done everything except actually call the school, begging and pleading. Which to be honest I only haven't done because it was highly discouraged in the application packet... I attack the mailman like a crazy ninja, every single day.

Only 17 more days until April 15th; the day they advised us that we would definitely know by. I really didn't think they would drag it on this long. I think about it every single day.

My stress level is through the roof. Between surviving the last month of this semester, dealing with the last semester of the kids' school and all the projects, field trips, plays and book reports that brings, training for all my summer runs, working 40-50 hour weeks and waiting for people I don't know to decide my immune system has shut down entirely. I am coughing up a lung, running a low grade fever and sound like Marge Simpson's chain-smoking twin sisters.

But it's cool. If I can survive this, nursing school will be a breeze, right?


Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Fun Day - March

For our family fun day this month we loaded up the van (with sixteen pairs of pants, fourteen shirts, eight coats, one snowsuit, seven beanies, eight pairs of gloves and enough hand warmers and foot warmers for up to ten hours of warmth...) and headed up to Soldier's Hollow for a couple hours of tubing fun. If you live in the area and have never been, it is a must go to spot. Even Peanut, at only three years old, was a fearless, giggling bundle of fun!

Everyone got their own tube and ran to the line to hook up, be pulled up the mountain and go RACING down at speeds this Momma Bear doesn't want to begin to guess.
Our friend Bek came along to help even out the ratio of kid to adult, which worked out great! Ry usually hooked to me, Avery hooked to Bek, Peanut was with Bay and Luke was with Josh...or on his little daredevil...
I think they had just as much fun riding the cable up the mountain as they did coming down!
Nothing but smiles and giggles, all day long!

We all had such a wonderful day! The kids went up and down and up and down until they kicked us off the mountain, we grabbed dinner on the way home and they were all snoring before long. I love these days...and these memories...more than I can explain.

Next up? They've voted for dinner and a movie. I can't wait! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Please Pause...

...for this moment of bragging.

Parent/Teacher conferences went great! I was once again reminded that switching the kids to charter school was brilliant, on my part. ;)

Luke is doing wonderful behavior wise (HUGE change from the beginning of the year!) He is learning cursive and his teacher said that he is her star student in math.

Avery is always on task and is getting straight A's. I'm so proud of her. Her teacher said that she is very obedient and is always ready to learn.

Ryleigh's teacher is in love with her. (I adore this woman...she is so nice!) Ry was a huge reason for my decision to switch the kids, because I knew she was bored in public school. My 3rd grader is now doing 4th grade math and just finished 5th grade reading a couple weeks ago. I'm so very proud of her. She is no longer bored in school and I feel like she's finally being challenged a little bit.

Bailey is doing amazing as well! When she was in 3rd grade we were told that she needed remedial math classes and I declined, knowing that she didn't...that she just needed to be pushed. Well, Mommy's instinct proved right and my 5th grader is working her way through 7th grade math and getting A's. I knew she could do it!

You may now return to your regularly scheduled blog reading. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Week Later

Well, it's been one week since we began Avery on her new medication. We have already upped her from the half dosage to the full pill, because she was unable to fall asleep on the half dosage. With that said...


No, it's not all due to the medication. She has been improving steadily over the last five or six weeks, anyway. I don't know if therapy has finally begun to work or what, but I'm loving it. She is still "Avery". She still has her moments of outbursts and she still gets angry, but for the first time ever in her life I am able to rationalize with her a majority of the time. I can explain myself. I can make her understand. I can get through to her. She is beginning to take responsibility for her actions, when she does act out. She is starting to show remorse.

I can't begin to explain to you, what this means to me.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I opened my door, to find this on the front steps...

...I sure hope Steve brings A LOT of gold! ;)

I love my kids. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

And So It Begins...

I met with Avery's therapist this morning regarding her sleep. She has been taking a small dose of Melatonin each night in order to fall asleep and it works great. However, she has been having a few nightmares and waking up at 3:30 am, never to return to sleep again. She also wakes after ten hours of sleep still feeling very groggy and swears she was never sleeping.

In order for her to have a better nights sleep and actually get into a deep sleep, she is going to start taking a very small dose of trazadone. Trazadone is an anti-depressant, however when used in children they found that it was too sedative, so it's not typically used for treating depression. However, they did find that it works great when used before bed, in order to help the child relax. This should allow her to feel rested in the morning and with a good night of rest...that could really help with her moods! She will begin with half a pill and increase to a full pill, if needed. Her therapist also advised me that a few children need melatonin and trazadone, but we are going to give this till the end of April to see if that would be the case for Avery.

I'm nervous..but really excited to try something that may make a big difference for her. We noticed that this last "cycle" of hers (typically her moods cycle from high to low about every 4 days) was exceptionally long. We got a basically happy Avery for about two and a half weeks before any extremely out of control episodes. Helping her voice her emotions more and forcing her to isolate when she is losing control, has seemed to make a really big difference. It's still not perfect. It's still not easy. But I'm loving that we are finding steps in the right direction.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here I Go Again

I've begun training...again. :)

After doing so well and getting up to running 4 miles at a got in the way. Stress elevated. Priorities shifted. Excuses were easier to make.

BUT! I'm back at it.

I'm running again and I've decided to add weight training this time. I've never successfully, nor consistently weight trained, while hitting cardio hard. We'll see how this goes. Today is day two and I'm already wincing any time I move, so that's a good sign, right? I'm working under the guidance of a beautiful friend who has made some amazing changes in her life. (THANKS, FUZZY!!)

I have a 5K coming up in May and I get to fly across the country to do it! I get to see one of my best friends who moved last fall and show Mom's name off in Atlanta, Georgia's Susan G Komen! Win-Win! I'm so excited and I just KNOW that I'm going to be able to beat my time last year of just under 31 minutes.

I know it.

Providing I can walk tomorrow...


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CPR...It Isn't Just For Humans

Never in my whole life did I think I would have to give CPR in my own home...

...and never did I think it would be on a puppy.

Little Boston fell today, about 20 inches from the ground. He immediately went limp, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he stopped breathing. As I held him, I was shaking so bad! I have no idea what the breath/compression ratio is for an 8 week old puppy, but I began breathing for him and gently compressing his chest, as I yelled for my friend to call a vet. Any vet. I wanted someone to tell me what to do!

After a few minutes he began to come around and although he was panting very fast and was still quite lethargic, I began to have hope. The vet told us to bring him up to their office immediately and while I arranged for a babysitter (THANKS FUZZY!!!!) my friend drove 90 mph to their office, while still giving him supportive breaths.

Thankfully...he is just fine. They checked his motor skills and neurological function and deemed him perfect. His soft spots have already closed and the vet advised us that it is not uncommon for a dog his size to go unconscious after a fall. They literally knock themselves out! The vet put him on an oral dose of prednisolone for the next couple days to help with any swelling. The meds are making him extra sleepy and he is still a bit wobbly and slow when he walks, but I am so very thankful that he is okay.

He's getting A LOT of extra loving today. I'm so proud of my little fighter! But, with a name like Boston, of course he's going to be strong! <3

Monday, March 5, 2012

Impatient Is My Middle Name

The application deadline was four days ago. I know this. The decision process can take until April 15th. I know this too.

This doesn't stop me from stalking Weber's website for any indication that I have been one of "The Chosen"...instead of waiting for a letter in the mail, like other...normal...people. Today, I saw this:

...and because I was reading super fast, I overlooked the word "Applicant".


I thought I had been admitted. I started to get excited. I started to panic. I got a HUGE smile.


I learned how to read.


I know. I know. Patience is a virtue and blah, blah, blah.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Our House Has Grown By Four Feet...

...well, it's grown by 8 inches...but he has four feet! :)

On Monday, we adopted a male, toy chihuahua and named him Boston!! (I'm from Massachusetts and will root for the Red Sox till I die!) He is eight weeks old today and is the cutest little...literally...thing you've every seen!

How could you not fall in love with this little face??? He has so much personality and loves to cuddle, play Frisbee...with a milk carton lid, chase our feet around the house, cuddle in our shirts and play with the kids. He's almost like having a baby again...without the tax deduction. ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I LOVE Chocolate

What woman doesn't love chocolate? Okay, I actually know one...but I prefer to believe that she's just crazy.

Chocolate with peanut butter, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate anything...I love it!! However, lumping chocolates from Cherry Street Chocolates into the same category as anything you can buy on the shelf is a HUGE mistake. The Chocolatier of Cherry Street Chocolates doesn't just make chocolate...she creates it. Like pure magic.

My beautiful friend, Christy, is the owner of Cherry Street Chocolates and recently sent me some of her creations. Ho. Ly. Cow. I have never in my life tasted something this amazing!! I cannot even begin to describe the flavors that she captured in a piece of chocolate! Add in the fact that they are beautiful and you will quickly realize there is nothing like them on any store shelf.

In addition to these chocolates, I flipped over her tag to discover a special treat for me! Christy had contacted me a while ago, after reading this blog post, and asked to use my quote in her business. Of course I said it was fine, but I had no idea what she was using it for, until I received her amazing chocolates. On the back of every tag is this:

I'm famous! :)

If you would like more information about her creations, please visit Cherry Street Chocolates on Facebook HERE or on her website at You will NOT be disappointed! Her amazing work is perfect for holidays, birthdays, PMS days, Mother's Day, anniversaries...any day that ends in "Y"...

I promise. You'll thank me for introducing you to these most perfect treats.

I prefer any "thank-yous" to be accompanied by Christy's chocolate...