Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Busy!!

Holy wow I haven't blogged in over a week!

I'm busy!!

I'm working 10-12 hours a day.

Dealing with school. (Still have A's in both classes halfway through the semester! Woot!!!)

Keeping five kids happy...which going well. (Minus pre-teen hormones, but really...I have no control over that one...)

Actually keeping my house clean and laundry caught up (strange, I know).

And buzzing on caffeine to keep migraines away.

But...overall...I'm happy. I'm surviving. I'm making it work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What is intuition? In the dictionary it is described as 1.The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. and 2. A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Intuition to me is that immediate knowledge, a "gut feeling" if you will, without any explanation. I've felt intuition a lot in my life. Sometimes I've followed it...sometimes I haven't...but it's always been right. I've paid the price when I haven't followed it, yet I still have moments when I don't. Why is that? Why fight what I know?

Because I don't want to believe it. I want to hide for a while. I want to ignore it. Self preservation or stupidity? I don't really know.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Everything else is secondary.”

-Steve Jobs

Photography Fun

I visited some great friends in Richfield, Utah for the weekend; what a beautiful place! I had the opportunity to play around with my camera a bit and I love the photos that I came home with!

A relaxing weekend away is just what I needed! I owe Josh BIG TIME for holding down the fort while I four-wheeled, hot-tubbed and slept!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I've Got The Whole World... this envelope.

I did it! I finally calmed the nerves, sat down and put together the packet for my nursing school application.

Holy. Crap.

I really, really, really hope that I don't lose my mind between now and April 15th. That is when I should be notified by and it sounds very far away. I'm hoping that during that time I can find peace with the decision. Right now I feel the same emotions, for either decision. Anxiety. Fear. Stress. My life is going to change dramatically, either way...and that frightens me.

I can't believe this day is finally here! I've agonized over it, blogged about it and talked about it for over three years!! So much has happened in my life during that time and I'm amazed that I've made it this far. Even if it really only is the beginning...

So, keep your fingers crossed for me! I've done everything that I can do and it is completely out of my hands now. All I can do now is hope and pray that I will survive the wait and be okay with the outcome.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Anatomy Confusion

Bay: "My mom's friend had her appendix out."
Me: "Oh yeah? She doing okay?"
Bay: "Yeah. She's feeling better. I told my friend that when you had your appendix out, you couldn't walk for a week!"
Me: "Uh...I've never had my appendix out. Dad did."
Bay: "Oh! Huh. I didn't even know boys had one! I thought it was just girls!"
Me: "No...everybody has one. I had my uterus taken out. Only girls have one of those."


Friday, February 10, 2012

Cornstarch Goop

 1 Cup of Water + 1/2 Cup of Cornstarch + Couple Drops of Food Coloring =
If you have never made this concoction with your it! It is the strangest feeling mixture! Not quite solid...not quite liquid. The kids had a blast with it and so did we! We think it would be hilarious to buy cornstarch in bulk and make a HUGE batch of it, in a small child's swimming pool, during the summer. Then the kids could go crazy in it that my table, chairs, floors and bathroom sink aren't covered in pink goop!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mothers...Forgive Me

Mothers of the world...forgive me.

I don't know if it's the age old adage of "misery loves company" or what...but I love seeing your true selves. I love seeing a Mom that portrays to the world a certain image and then by chance...I happen to catch the real you.

I know you're thinking, "What in the hell is she talking about?"

I'm an easily impressed and intimidated Mom. I am easily intimidated by well put together Moms. Moms with a never ending supply of patience. Moms that manage to keep a beautiful, tidy home and well-behaved, on-task children. I get sucked into the thought process of, "What am I doing wrong? How can she do it all? (and still train for a marathon and look like she stepped out of Vogue?) Why aren't I that good?"

And then...

I get a quick glimpse of reality.

I love reality.

I love catching you off guard and not made up like a runway model. I love seeing that wild look in your eyes of a caged animal; patience having long ago run out. I love seeing you looking like you are D-O-N-E with demanding children. I love seeing your house in slight disarray. I love seeing you be real.

I forgive myself for my "faults"...every time I see you be real. I see myself in your crazy, tired, stressed out face, looking like you'd bolt for the open front door if only you could shake the clingy toddler off your leg. I see myself in your floors that haven't been swept in two days and the mountain of laundry creeping out of the laundry room. I see myself in you, as your rambunctious kids reenact a MMA scene around the living room.

I see your reality.

So...I'll try not to cringe the next time I see you looking perfect and happy. I know the truth. You're wearing mismatched socks, there are goldfish crackers swimming under the seats of your expensive SUV and when you get home you are changing into sweatpants.

I love reality.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 13...

Today is day 13 that I have been sick. I will spare you the awesome details, but to sum it up, I have been unable to keep any food in me for 13 days. My stomach feels like I have been punched repeatedly, from the endless days of sickness. I feel fine, otherwise; no fever, body chills or respiratory issues.

I went to see the doc last Friday, because I had had enough. (And because everyone pressured me to go...)She is guessing gastroenteritis, which typically lasts up to 10 days. They will not run further tests until I've had it at least 14 days and the test won't be fun. >>Eww<< I guess at that point they will try to pinpoint the exact bug that is causing my entire digestive track to be inflamed and painful. Then they can prescribe the right meds to kill it. (Right now, if they gave me the wrong antibiotics it could make it worse.)

She suggested the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) for a few days and to see if that helped. It seemed to a little bit (except I was STARVING all the time.) Then I started bring normal foods back into my diet and now I'm not hungry and I'm in a lot of pain.

It's a great for weight loss...I'm at about -7 lbs...although I know it's not real weight loss, nor is it healthy. I just want it to go away, so I can eat and drink normally again...and not feel so drained. Anyone else ever had something like this?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Avers!!!

Seven years ago, a miracle was born, five weeks early. She was beautiful. She was amazing. She was a fighter. She was perfect.

And she still is.

Dear Avery,

I love you so much. So much. There are not enough words in the English language to adequately profess how many hopes and dreams I have for you...or how much love I have for you. One day, you are going to change the world, that I am sure of. You have already changed mine, for the better. I have learned more about being a parent, from you, than all of your siblings combined. You challenge me. You amaze me. You thrill me, to my very core. I don't know why I was chosen to be your Mommy, but I'm so thankful I was. You have brought my life such joy, in  your short seven years. There will never be a time that I won't support you or stand by you. I love you, my Avers. To the moon and back.

Love, Mommy

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thanks, Weber! It's A Start!

I opened my mail this weekend to discover that Weber State University has awarded me an honors scholarship for next year! Yay! It's a scholarship that is given to transfer students, based off of previous academic achievements and I'm quite proud! I've worked really hard for my grades and it's nice to see it is paying off. It won't cover all of tuition, but every little bit helps, right???

Now, if they think I'm amazing enough to be given a scholarship, here's hoping they think I'm also worthy of their nursing program! :)

I still need to write that letter...

Generational Blogging!

My sweet oldest daughter has been bugging me for a while to start her own blog. She likes to write and I like getting a little peek at her what's going on in her mind, when she might not otherwise bring up. ;) After much discussion between her Dad and I, we decided that we would allow it. She was given instructions about what is appropriate and what is not, to post (for example, she is currently having issues with a particular girl at school and I told her it wouldn't be nice to use her blog to vent her frustration about this girl, calling her out by name.) I explained that what she blogs is forever on the Internet and she needs to be responsible about what she is posting. So...after much deliberation by her on what the name should be and then creating her a banner (which I'm quite proud of!), she "finally" has her own blog.

Obviously, because she is a minor, and my minor at that, her blog is private and not available for public reading. However, if you are a friend or family member that would like access to it so you are able to comment and provide her with positive feedback, please send me your email address either in comments here, on facebook, or through my email. I will be monitoring who has reading rights and I will add you.

Thanks for your support!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Fun Day - February

Our lives are busy. It seems like we are constantly being torn in different directions and even when we are all together, we are busy working, cleaning, catching up on homework, doing laundry, making house repairs...there is never time to just "be".

Hence why "Family Fun Day" was born. We try to have a day, once a month, where we get out of the house, away from our other responsibilities and just be together. We try to go to places that we have bought yearly memberships to, because lets be's not cheap taking out a family as large as ours!

Yesterday we decided to use the remaining punches on our family punch pass to Kangaroo Zoo, go to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and then come home to watch a movie and have root beer floats. The kids always have a blast at Kangaroo Zoo and as a bonus, they burn off a lot of energy and are tired the rest of the day! ;)

Peanut was scared at first, but soon she was running around crazy, like the rest of them!

Silly kids! I love hearing them giggle!

On top of spaghetti...all covered with cheese...that's one big friggin' meatball...

I hope the kids enjoyed themselves, as much as I did. I really look forward to these days out of the house with them, away from everything. They are growing up so fast...I feel like if I blink, I will miss it! These memories we make, as a family, are so important. <3

They are already talking about our next planned day out, to go tubing at Soldier's Hollow. If you've never been, it is a must! Check out GroupOn for their daily deal and get half off admission!

Friday, February 3, 2012

What I Would Say To My 20 Year Old Self

I did a post a few years ago, giving advice to my high school self. Looking back, I realize how very different my life is now, compared to then. (Thank goodness, or there would be a major problem...) I sat contemplating today, what I would now say to my 20 year old self.

1. Go back to school. Now. Don't put it off because you have a baby. One day, when you're finishing school with five'll thank me.

2. I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself. <3 I know how much courage that took.

3. Don't buy your dream home this year. You're too young and stupid to have it, this young. However, maybe you need to learn this lesson...

4. Be careful who you trust.

5. Hold your best friend close. You have no idea how much her life is going to change. Ten years later, she is still going to be one of your very best friends. These types of friends don't come around often. Don't take it for granted.

6. Take the time to get healthy. Go to the doctor now and find out what's wrong. Don't wait another five years, when things have compounded.

7. Take more pictures and videos of Mom and Jared. You'll regret it later, if you don't.

8. Don't allow work to stress you out, so much. It isn't worth it.

9. Cherish the newborn period. It doesn't last nearly long enough. Blink and she will be ten, going on seventeen. You will be left wondering where the tiny baby sleeping in her ladybug room, went.

10. No matter how crazy Josh makes you and how many stupid little fights you have...he will always love you. Faults and all. There is no one like him and you're lucky to have married him. Remember that when he's making you nuts. <3

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am Meant To Do This

I printed off my nursing school application today. That, alone, was enough to cause me to hyperventilate. However, I was happy to see that in addition to attaching my transcripts and filling out the usual questions, I get a chance to personalize the application a little bit. In a one page paper, I have to give an account of all the things I have accomplished that have given me the greatest satisfaction, what I enjoy doing most in my leisure time, my reason for selecting nursing as a career, any special reasons for desiring to enter WSU and my plans and aspirations for the future. 

In case you haven't figured it out by now (some 1,080ish posts later)...I like to write. I don't know if I can adequately hit their points, while selling myself as the coolest thing since sliced one page. I want to be creative. I want to catch their eye. I want them to remember me. What I don't want, is to fill any of this out the way that every one else will:

My children are my greatest accomplishment. Well, yeah. Every other 30 year old is going to put that, too. They won't be impressed by that. That screams GENERIC, no matter how true it may be.

I love to read and volunteer in my leisure time. Wonderful. What I'd really like to say is "Leisure time? What is this "leisure time" you speak of? You DO know what I had to accomplish to even be allowed to turn in this application, right?"

I want to be a nurse because I care and I want to help people. Well...yeah...good thing...because I'm going to be doing a lot of personal things for a lot of people and if I didn't care, this career would probably be a bad fit.

Why am I choosing WSU? Is there any other school? Go Wildcats!! I don't have a lot of school spirit. Sorry. I'll represent you well, as a scholar...but that's about where it ends.

In the future I see myself as an amazing nurse, saving the world, one band-aid at a time. Well, of course that's my goal. I wouldn't be applying to the nursing program if I wanted to become a computer engineer...

I don't know how to make a person who I've never met, understand what this means to me. I want to be memorable and impressive and admitted!! I don't know how to adequately explain who I am, in one page. I don't know how to voice my passion and illustrate that I chose this program and this life because there is nothing else I can imagine doing.

I am meant to do this.