Monday, December 17, 2012

Just. Sit. Down.

I don't do well with "down time". My body doesn't know how to relax. I don't know how to sit still. I don't stop and smell the roses (they would be blown away with all this dang wind we are having anyway!). I don't chill out.

I've been done with the semester for about 48 hours and I'm antsy

What I really want is to not work and to organize my house. Do you know how much cleaning, organizing and painting I would love to get done??? Next week, I keep telling myself. I have the entire week off work and this house is going through an overhaul.

(My children, I'm sure, have already planned out their hiding places.)

I'm already making up for all the of working out I missed out on, during the semester. This old body is being shocked by two work outs a day, right now. (Read that as: my shoulders, back, butt and legs are pretty damn sure I threw myself in front of a bus.)

I really wish I could just. sit. down. and do nothing for a good week...and rev myself up for the upcoming semester. I have a feeling that it isn't going to get any easier and my stress level isn't going to dissipate at all. Buuuut...that isn't me.

I'd much rather run around like a chicken with head cut off...and then spend the next few months complaining that I never get any down time. ;)

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Jackie Seaman said...

Hey Lady! Nice post, and I understand! Doing nothing drives me crazy! Do what works for you just remember 2 key elements...
1- Everything in moderation
2- Live your life!

Smooches hun!