Monday, December 31, 2012

Into the New Year

2012 was the absolute worst year of my life.

2012 was the absolute best year of my life.

Life is full of antagonistic situations and for that...I am thankful. Without the opposing view, I would take for granted all of the amazing things in my life.

Without trials, I would not recognize times of strength. Without conflict with some, I would not appreciate the steadfastness of others. Without heartbreak, I would not realize my power to overcome. Without pain, I would not be aware of healing moments. Without sadness, I would not be grateful for the times of happiness and peace. Without mistakes, I would not understand the capacity of forgiveness.

However, I'm happy to see this year go. It can take with it all of the times I cried over people who don't care and the nights of stress that kept me awake long into the early morning hours. It can take with it the anguish of not feeling good enough and the pressures of trying to be. It can take with it my mistakes and bad decisions.

I'm heading into the new year with a resolve to be better and do better. I hope the issues, problems and struggles of 2012 will be resolved and by this time next year I will be at peace with my decisions. I'm taking into the new year all of the happy memories of this year, surrounded by the unwavering love of those close to me. I'm thankful for the people that I can depend on and who's friendship is enduring. I'm giving the new year the best of me, remembering the lessons I've learned.

Happy New Year, my friends. May 2013 bring to you all you hope for...and if it doesn't...go and find it. :)