Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm Going To Be Better

This morning I woke up and unlike every other Saturday morning for the past three months...I didn't plan my day. There was no working around homework, there was no stressing over an upcoming test, there was no papers to write.

As of yesterday, I have completed my first semester of nursing school...and I rocked it! (If I do say so, myself!) ;)

Perfect timing...because all I want to do today is be with my kids. Soak up their giggles, hug them close and listen to every little thing they have to say...even if I've heard it before.

Yesterday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary has shaken me, to my very core. It's not just that twenty innocent babies's realizing all the things that were stolen from them and their families. Saturday morning breakfast. Movie nights. Playing soccer in the yard. Christmas morning excitement. Building a snowman. Their first crush. Their first kiss. Their first formal dance. Learning to drive. High school graduation. Excitement over college acceptance letters. Fighting with their college roommate. Falling in love. Buying their first home.

Having children of their own.

Today, I am not going to worry about work. I'm not going to worry about homework. I'm not going to worry about cleaning. I'm going to worry about running out of hot chocolate and baking cinnamon-pull-a-parts to perfection. I'm going to worry about what Christmas movie to watch next and not letting the popcorn bowl go empty. I'm going to worry about doing the science experiments that my son has been begging to do and forget about the mess it will make. I'm going to let my daughter do my hair and not worry about how I look (and try to ignore the hair pulling).

I'm going to be a better parent, because too many parents don't get the chance today. I'm going to be better and enjoy my children, rather than stress over my to-do list, because 20 children will never get that chance. I'm going to be better about being thankful for every crazy, loving, stressful, chaotic, loud moment. I'm going to be better about letting go of the things that don't matter.

I'm going to be better.

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