Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve/Day 2012

How is Christmas already over? There was so much build-up and's gone. :(

We had a fantastic couple of days, spent with quite a few family members and friends. We miss those that we weren't able to see, but we understand the challenge of dividing up time everywhere. Thank you, to those that shared in our days, with us!

New pajamas are a fun tradition that always brings smiles to their faces.

Nana and Papa spoiled them rotten!

The kids had a gift under the tree, from Grandma Pat. While she can't be here physically, she is always here in spirit. <3>
Most of my family. :)

At midnight, I told the oldest three girls to go back to bed. At 4 am, I told Luke to go back to bed.
They got 6 am, they sent Peanut to knock on the door. We couldn't tell her cute little voice no... :)

It takes a lot of coffee to wake the sleeping dead. ;)

Avers loved her fact books, DSi and games. Peanut, however, apparently wanted her to hurry up... ;)

Ry FINALLY got her American Girl doll. And clothes for her American Girl doll. And a bedroom set for her American Girl doll. She has been on cloud nine, ever since!

Lukey was so excited to get a magic kit, DSi and games. I wish I would have gotten a good photo of him jumping up and down, in excitement!

Every little girl deserves a pony. And books. And an Innotab2. ;)

I've never seen a kid so in shock. She was actually speechless!
(For a moment...)

New iPod cover, from Bek.

Cover your eyes...HOLY CRAP...POGO STICKS!!!

My Fabulous Five

I forgot to take photos (blame it on exhaustion...I was running on 4 hours of sleep and sugar), but some of Josh's family also made it over, to spend some time with us, Christmas night. The kids loved their gifts and so did we!

I hope that your Christmas was half as amazing as ours was. I'm sad that it is over, but I am looking forward to a new year and new beginnings. :)

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