Friday, November 30, 2012

Thirty Days of Thanks 2012

1. Today I am thankful for being able to laugh at my crazy self. Yes, I am a train wreck. ;)
2. Today I am thankful that I came home to a clean home, happy kids and migraine medication, after a very long clinical day. I'm thankful for friends and family that are understanding and patient.
3. Today I am thankful for tears. While they may solve nothing, they can relieve so much.
4. Today I am thankful for my children's ability to redirect my thinking. It can be a pain while I'm studying, but such a blessing when I am needing to be pulled out of a funk.
5. Today I am thankful for my children's health...I feel that I have taken it for granted.
6. Today I am thankful for the flexibility of my job and the great people I work with.
7. Today I am thankful for the giggles of my children and seeing them love one another.
8. Today I am thankful for my nine nursing classmates. We may have been thrown together by chance, but I couldn't make it through this without each and every one of them.
9. Today I am thankful for the people that believe in me.
10. Today I am thankful for the compliments I receive about my children. They are not perfect. They can cause mayhem. They may make me crazy. At the end of the day, they are amazing kids and I appreciate when others can see it.
11. Today I am thankful for sprite, tummy meds and a washing machine that can run a sanitary cycle...
12. Today I am thankful for friends that allow me to cry on their shoulder and those who have a listening ear.
13. Today I am thankful for doing well on my test, giving me hope that I will not be a nursing school drop out.
14. Today I am thankful for times of peace. Not peace as in "my children are quiet" (because that never happens!) ;) ... but peace as in "I got this. I'll be okay. I'm right where I'm meant to be."
15. Today I am thankful for technology and the ability to stay close with those far away.
16. Today I am thankful for spending time with friends and meeting new people.
17. Today I am thankful for my clean home, even if I did have to become Poltergeist Mom in order for it to happen.
18. Today I am thankful for the good sense to budget for Christmas all year. It is the middle of November and I am nearly done!
19. Today I am thankful for my children's patience and understanding. They love me despite of...and perhaps because faults.
20. Today I am thankful for how hard Josh works for the family.
21. Today I am thankful for tiny arms around my neck, hugging me tight and itty bitty kisses on my cheek. Happy Birthday, my Peanut!
22. Today I am thankful to be surrounded by good food, great company, love, laughter and traditions.
23. Today I am thankful for my strong, able, healthy body, that allows me to accomplish everything I need to.
24. Today I am thankful for the family that feel like friends, and the friends that feel like family.
25. Today I am thankful for a lazy night cuddling on the couch, watching movies with my munchkins.
26. Today I am thankful for the reminder that my limitations show me where I can improve.
27. Today I am thankful for my home and the love, security and peace that dwells within it.
28. Today I am thankful for migraine medication. Again. I'm thankful for the patience of those around me and the understanding that they show me. I'm thankful for bubble baths and heating pads.
29. Today I am thankful that the end is near. Soon, I will no longer be a first semester student nurse. I have a long way to go...but I have come a long way. I'm thankful for the people that trust and have faith in my advice and knowledge.
30. Today I am thankful. Thankful for those that allow me to show weakness and love me anyway. Thankful for the hard times, because they have shown me how strong I really am. Thankful for my children and the unconditional love and patience they have taught me. Thankful for the chance to go to school to fulfill my dreams, so that I will one day be able to help others. Thankful for those people in my life that respect and accept me, without judgement. Thankful for my faith in God and my faith in humanity. Thankful for the people around me who encourage me and believe that I am someone worth loving.

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Andrea said...

"Today I am thankful for tears. While they may solve nothing, they can relieve so much."

That one was so well worded.