Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Peanut

Four years ago today, I was laying on an operating table, only 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant...

...a far cry from the full-term, natural delivery I had envisioned for myself. Josh and Mom were by my head, and we were surrounded by an anesthesiologist, two doctors performing my surgery, half a dozen nurses and a NICU team waiting on pins and needles.

After what felt like mere minutes, my tiny, beautiful daughter peeked at me from over the sheet drawn across my chest...and then she was whisked away. I had heard her shriek, a sound no bigger than a kitten meowing, and I. Was. In. Love.

She shocked the NICU, as my perfect preemie princess. She was the youngest baby they had in the unit, at the time, and from the beginning she did amazing. She never required oxygen, she nursed at a few hours old and she was ab-so-lute-ly perfect.  She was quickly nicknamed among the NICU staff, "the preemie who doesn't know she is a preemie." We were warned initially that she probably would not go home until January, when she was actually due...then it was bumped up to her possibly going home at 36 weeks gestation, because "that's the earliest that a 33 weeker ever goes home". :) They underestimated my little fighter. After only nine days in the NICU, at only 34 weeks and 5 days gestation, my baby girl came home with a clean bill of health.

Somehow...four years have now flown by and that tiny 4 lb 8 oz bundle I carried out of the hospital has turned into an amazing, smart, funny, gentle, witty, little girl. For every inch she has grown, my love has tripled.

Dear Peanut,
Your spunky personality and quick-wit has me giggling every single day. I love the ideas that you voice and the comebacks you spout off to your siblings. You have become the most adorable little girl and I am so lucky to be your Mommy. I will never forget the first time I held you. You were so small and you curled up into a ball on my chest, next to my heart, and breathed a sigh of contentment. Your tiny little body fit in the palm of my hand and in that moment my heart shattered into a thousand tiny pieces, so full of love for you.
I love you, my precious girl. You will forever be my Peanut, no matter how big you think you are. Happy 4th birthday!
Love, Mommy

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