Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm Doing Something Right

Enough of the complaining and whining posts, huh?

Today, someone very wise told me to stop focusing on everything negative that is draining me and focus on all the people who love me and the things going right. So...today I'm doing just that.

My kids have been freaking amazing lately. I mean...they are always amazing (except for those times...ya know...when they...aren't...), but lately...they have really been impressing me. I don't know if it's natural maturity kicking in, or forced maturity due to the insane changes I have burdened every one with. Either way...I'm going to turn into a bragging mother for a minute. If that makes you urp in your mouth a little, you're free to leave. I'm sure I'll be back to my crazy, overstressed babble by the next post. ;)

Miss Bay has been rocking school this year! She tested out of spelling, so they started her in Latin and she's doing great! We got back her placement testing scores that she took at the end of 5th grade and we were so impressed with her. She needs to work a bit harder in reading vocabulary, but tested well above her grade level in every other area. In math problem solving she tested at a 10th grade level and in math procedures she tested at a post high school level. She definitely didn't get that from her momma...I passed pre-calculus, but it wasn't without a lot of tears and frustration! She also was recently awarded student of the month for her class, for being so kind and friendly with her peers. She started taking dance this fall and has been loving it! I cannot wait to see her perform! She may not have gotten my math skills, but she seems to have inherited my multi-tasking skills. She is doing fabulous, juggling all these responsibilities!

Ry-Roo is doing wonderfully in school, as well. When we attended parent teacher conference they didn't have her testing scores back yet, however she was placed in math and reading classes above her grade level, so I take that as a good sign. :) Her teacher adores her and loves that she is always on task and prepared. She began gymnastics this fall..."FINALLY", if you ask her. ;) She has been begging me for over a year and after watching her "teach" herself in the backyard for that long, we agreed. She started out in level 2, but by the third week, they moved her up to level 3. The fourth week they invited her to try out for their pre-competition team and not only did she make it, but she skipped pre-comp level 2 and went right to pre-comp level 3! What an amazing girl! She is in the gym practicing 4 hours a week now and so far she is loving it.

Avers has been showing great improvement. She is still on her medication and while it is not a "cure all" it has helped a lot. We still have issues with sleep from time to time, but we try to deal with it as it comes. She is still meeting with her therapist every 4-6 weeks and she is impressed with the changes we have seen in her, in the last year. We were able to meet with her teacher and receive her placement testing scores that she took at the end of 1st grade and once again, we were amazed. She needs to work a bit in language, but otherwise is above grade level in every area. She also did exceptionally well in math procedures, testing at a 5th grade level. She began taking Taekwondo this fall and is excelling! She is there six hours a week, after school and her Master is amazing. He is wonderful with the kids and she is really learning self control. It is a great self esteem booster for her, which she really needed.

Lukey is handling his first year of all day school fabulously! His first mid-term report card showed straight A's and his teacher reports that he has not had any behavioral issues. He is taking Taekwondo with Avers and I'm glad that they have something like this to share. They are very close (unless they are fighting!) ;) and it's wonderful to see them learn this new skill together. He is getting excited for their first tournament in November and he can't wait to earn his next belt. His Master asks every day if his room is clean and if it isn't, he has to do push-ups...he has been so good about keep it clean! ;) Every single morning he straightens it, with very minimal help now!

Peanut is loving dance and school...now. She went through a bit of a hard time getting used to being away from home for part of the day and would cry, but not anymore! She loves her new tap shoes and will show them to anyone who comes to the door. She loves school, as well, and is really picking up on her letters and numbers. She will randomly do math, as she helps me in the kitchen and I'm amazed that my three year old is grasping basic addition already. She was helping me put her lunch together the other day and said, "I washed two (grapes) and then I will wash three more." I asked her how many grapes that will be total and she quickly says, "FIVE!" (Math again...hmmm...maybe my children were all switched at birth???) I honestly didn't expect her to get it right and was going to take the opportunity to count them with her...but she was way ahead of me. ;)

Apparently...even though I feel like all I do is work and homework...and I never have time for anything...and I feel tired and over-stressed and over worked and burnt out and cranky all the time...I'm doing something right.

I'm raising five of the most amazing little people.

And if that is the only thing that I do right in my lifetime...I'll take it.


Lmdrape said...

That is absolutely amazing! Great job with your gorgeous kids. Hearing this makes me have hope that my kids will grasp things eventually. They are 2 and 4 and it seems everything is a battle! You are a super mom, keep up the good work!

Common Mom said...

You are doing awesome! Your beautiful kiddos are stepping up because they have to - kids are amazing that way. The lessons you are teaching them at home and while you are at school and working will stick with them for life. Keep at it - I only wish you could be a nurse near us when we need one!