Monday, August 13, 2012

Can You Dig It?

I went to purchase my scrubs the other day and was super fun. *insert sarcasm font here*

I have to have a particular color, so that it matches the holy freaking insanely expensive scrub top that is mandated by Weber State. I walk into the scrub store and am greeted by a very friendly, size 0, girl...

Girl: "Can I help you find anything?"
Me: "Yes, I need tall/long purple pants to match the trim on this shirt."

Girl: "What size are you?"
Me: *looking at her dumbly* " I'm not sure. My regular pant size?"

Girl: "What size do you think you'll be? Small?"
*What I Thought (WIT)* "Small? Honey...I have hips and a bum. You're cute, but don't patronize me. I know you get your scrub pants in the children's section."
*What I Said (WIS)* "Probably a large. With all the bending and lifting...I want to be comfortable."

Girl: *flits from style to style and hands me three pairs to try a medium*
WIT: "Thanks for asking my size and then disregarding it. This will be fun to try on."
WIS: "Thanks. Dressing room?"

After trying them on...

Girl: "Any of those work?"
WIT: "Girl, I TOLD you I need a large."
WIS: "No, I need a large to try on."

Girl: "Well did you like the way the Koi brand felt?"
WIT: "GIRL! I told you I need a large! Why are you asking me how a medium fit? If the medium fit, I wouldn't be standing here, embarrassed, asking your 15 inch waist to find me a large!!!"
WIS: *speaking very slowly in case she just didn't hear me* "I have no idea how that brand felt. I need a large to try on."

Girl: "Oh, okay" *hands me hideous pair of flared scrubs*
Me: *tries them on...realize I'm between sizes or something because they are a tad too big and have HUGE flared bottoms*
WIT: "I feel like John Travolta ready to disco in these things..."
WIS: "I feel like John Travolta ready to disco in these things..."

At the end of the day...I bought them. I need some for now and until I have time to get some new ones, at least these aren't floods.  

And...I'm ready to boogie at any given moment.  

Can you dig it??   ;)

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Candygirlflies said...

You just put on a Bee Gee album and get DOWN in the meantime, girl. I, personally, prefer "Tragedy" above all their other hits...

(**Insert image of bustin' mad finger-pointing dance move here**)

xoxoxo CGF