Thursday, June 7, 2012

Holding On Through The Weekend

I called her psychiatrist today.

She's on vacation until Monday but agreed to see us Monday during her lunch break to discuss Avery's meds. Additionally, I spoke with Avery's other therapist and she calmed me down a bit by letting me vent my frustration and worries. I told her about the escalation of violent behavior and what has happened this week. I never thought I'd hear someone tell me, "You're in the medical field (well, I'm not yet, but thanks for having confidence in my current knowledge base) so you know...if it gets to the point that you can't control the violence, you need to take her straight to the ER." "Yes, I know."

We both agreed that we aren't to that point yet and that she has enough supervision that we can immediately get her (and her siblings as the case may be) out of the situation and isolate her.


I don't know why her meds aren't working. I don't know why, like a light switch, all of a sudden it's like she isn't even taking them. I don't understand it. We are so structured about when she gets them and we never miss a dose. we are.

Today is hour to hour. She has bounced from extremely agitated this morning to very morose this afternoon to happily building a fort in the yard at this moment. I can't keep up, when everything changes as fast as I can blink.

I'm trying my best to hold it together. At least through the weekend.


Lmdrape said...

Oh LeeAnn I don't know how you do it! I pray for you and just know your string enough to do this, cause God doesn't give us anything we can't handle! I feel like a horrible parent because my 4 year old talks back and wears on me and then I read your blog and know that things are rough sometimes. If you can do it with Avery, I should be able to do it with Gaven. Good luck and hope the weekend is better. Sending my love, Lisa

DizzyMamma said...

Which medication is she taking? We put Freyja on Vyvanse for the ADHD. Before meds she was losing concentration at school, having meltdowns every few days at home and starting to lash out more often. On the meds, we had 2 months of living hell. I would get shouted at just for coming into a room, didn't even have to speak. She would swing from violent and hitting me really hard, to crying and saying she wanted to die, and on top of that she was barely eating.

We stopped the meds and after a week and a half, we have had maybe 3 meltdowns, little arguement about bed time, only one hitting incident.

Some meds seem to work fantastic with one kid and the exact opposite for others. We have an appointment with our pediatrician on Monday and they want to put her on Concerta instead, but at this point, I am thinking we can live with the occasional outburst and just use melatonin to help her sleep and more structured days with the use of a timer to help her concentrate, as that seems to be working.

I do hope you get answers at your appointment, as I thought things were bad until I experienced the 2 months of living hell. I understand just how hard it is and hope things get better for you really quickly xx