Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Roo!

They say (whoever "they" are) that you aren't really a parent until you have two children. If you only have one child there is no sibling rivalry to deal with. When a mess is made you always know who did it. You never have to separate your time between more than one child. have it easy.

If that's the case...this is the kiddo that made me a parent. :)

School comes so easy to her. Too easy.
She was a big reason for our decision to move the kids to the charter school this year and it was a great move for her. She is finally being challenged (something she has had to learn to deal with) and I love seeing her excel even when working on material that is several grades ahead of her.

My cute purple flapper for Halloween.

She actually keeps begging me to quit piano...but I won't let her. ;)

She got glasses this year, only adding to her cuteness!

She loves being outside and being active!

She is a Daddy's Girl, for sure! (Well, and a Mommy's Girl.)
She loves spending time with us!

Such a beautiful girl!
Dear Ryleigh-Roo,

I love you so much! You never cease to amaze me with how thoughtful and kind you are. You are wise beyond your years and you remind me so much of your Grandma. I hope that you always find school so enjoyable and always work so hard to succeed. You are so much like me and you worry too much about everything...and I love you for it. You are going to make the most amazing mother one day. Or doctor. Or activist. Or writer. Or anything. I know you are going to change the world, my beautiful have already changed mine. Happy happy birthday!

Love, Mom

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