Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Fun Day - May

In my ongoing effort to catch up our Family Fun Days this week...I bring you May!!

We drove up to Logan Utah to visit the cheese factory...and get the world's most amazing ice-cream. I had raspberry cheesecake (because I chickened out and didn't get black licorice) and it was sooo good! We also bought squeaky cheese (of course!), rootbeer milk, orange milk (which we all decided was yucky!) and vanilla milk. We had planned on bringing lunch over to a local park that has a walk through zoo, but due to the torrential downpouring rain, we just let the kids run wild at the local Mickey D's. :)

The ice-cream was a big hit!

Once we made it back to the Salt Lake Valley we met up with Josh's family for his cousin's birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

We also went to Barnes and Noble and everyone picked out a new book to read for the summer. Bailey's best friend tagged along for Family Fun Day and they decided to pick out the same book and begin their own book club. :) It was cute to see their decision process about what kind of book they would pick and surprisingly I only had to steer them in the right direction a couple times (because I wanted them to read a chapter book...not the Guiness Book of World Records...)

On a side note: have you ever noticed in a bookstore that the people in each sections actually look like the sections they are in? "Geeky", twenty-something year old men in the computer section. Grandmotherly looking women in the cookbook section. Shifty-eyed men in the adult section...


Funny stuff!

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