Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Lukey!!!

My little man is turning six! I can't believe how time flies. My first (and only) son has become so independent and grown up so much in the last year. He is just finishing up kindergarten and has done amazing! He is a little math whiz, has started learning cursive and can read just about anything you throw in front of him. He amazes me with how easily he picks up new concepts (unless they are new chores...then he forgets a lot!) and how friendly he is with his peers. He still does crazy things that make us wonder what in the world he is thinking, but overall he is extremely helpful and kind.

Avery is still his best friend. They do everything together.

He loves being outside.
Going tubing didn't scare him one bit and he was the first to go down the hills by himself.

This was taken last summer. I can't get over how much he has grown up!

He'll always be my superhero!

Who couldn't love that sweet face?

His laugh is infectious. His smile radiates to his eyes and lights his entire face up!

Photo shoot I did a few weeks ago.
I can already see the man he will be...and that makes me sad.
Where does the time go?
I love you so much! You were a miracle from the moment your Dad and I found out you we were expecting you and we have never forgotten that. You are named after your Uncle Jared Luke Garrard and I so wish you could have met him. Our family lost an amazing man in September of 2005, but I know that he took my request straight to Heaven for a little boy to join our family...and there you were, eight and a half months later! :)
You are becoming such an amazing little man. Your kindness and sense of humor makes me so proud. I love that you always stick up for someone that you know is being picked on and you always try to do the right thing. You are so helpful and my very best helper at laundry! Your eyes remind me so much of my grandmother and my mom and I love looking into them as they shine with happiness.
I hope your next year is as amazing as you are.  I know that you will accomplish so many wonderful things in first grade! Lukey, you make every day perfect. I love you, my little man. Happy Birthday!
Love, Mommy

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Lacey Sue said...

LOVE this kid, always have!!! Happy Bday big guy!!! Can't believe how fast he is growing!