Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I feel like I'm in elementary school gym class again. You know the day you play basketball, softball, dodge ball (back when that was allowed and not deemed too "violent"...) and everyone lines up, two Captains are chosen...and you wait. One by one, everyone in class is picked to be on a team and anxiety grows the longer you stand on the line, not picked. Not chosen. Not told you were worthy.

Today, I'm standing on that line. I've watched four other people be chosen, now. Called over to the other side. While I stand here...on this damn line...waiting. Why can't my letter come? WHY?

I'm so happy for Michele. I know how hard she has worked...because I've worked along side her for a good part of it. I know how badly she wanted this and I can only imagine how she is feeling right now...having gotten her letter this morning. I'm so proud of her and shockingly I'm not even in the least bit jealous. I know how much she deserves this.


Pick me. Please? I'm worthy. I promise.


Andrea said...

I have total confidence that your turn is coming...SOON!! I can't even imagine the anxiety as you wait day after day - but after how hard you've worked, how can it even be an option for you not to get in?

You deserve it, hands-down!!

Michele B. said...

Your video made me cry. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions this last few months as we have come down to getting this application submitted, and then the waiiiitttiiinnggg! I am proud of you, and all that you balance in your life, and how hard you have worked for this. Selfishly, I am glad that I will have you there to lean on when this nursing school thing chips away at my sanity! So lets bottle up this moment and look at how far we have come in two years from now...We will be amazing nurses!!!!