Monday, April 2, 2012

Lessons Learned...Again

I ran into an old friend a couple days ago. It was great to see her and talk to her for a little bit. This was one of my best friends back in high school and it's not that we ever became "not" friends...we just grew apart as our lives changed. Thanks to facebook, we still keep up on each other's comings and goings.

As we chatted, she filled me in, quickly, on a few things she has been going through in the last year or so. I won't say that I was shocked, per se, because few things shock me anymore. However I found myself rewriting my perception of this friend. What I remembered of who she was, what I assumed (horrible little word, isn't it?) of who she is now....was quickly flying out the window.

I was glad.

It reminded me, once again, that everyone is going through something. Everyone has an untold story. No matter how easy you think someone's life is, or how perfect...there is always those hidden tribulations and pain.

And if you're lucky...they'll trust you enough to share the burden with you. <3

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