Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day Five - I Don't Want To Do This Anymore I'm not.


I made it four days. My goal was seven days.


I was so afraid of being disappointed in myself that I struggled with "giving up" and "quitting" for a full day, before I decided to do it.

I didn't start this to lose weight. I did it reboot my body. I wanted to give my body a break from any "crappy" food I feed it. I wanted to get in as much fruits and veggies as possible to charge my work outs.

Did I make my seven day goal? No. Did I crave cheese and onion rings and cheeseburgers and ice cream and chocolate? Oh hell yes; even if all those foods weren't a part of my normal diet anyway. Tell me I can't have something and of course I'm going to want it. Did I ingest more fruits and veggies than I ever thought possible? Yes.

So, what finally broke me? What sounded soooo good, that I had to give in and eat?

Chocolate? Bacon? Pancakes? French fries?


Chicken. I desperately wanted boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breast. So...I ate it. Along with a red leaf lettuce, spinach, cherry tomato and cucumber salad with a tiny bit of homemade Italian dressing.

I'm not too upset with myself. If that's what made me break...I obviously am doing okay.

So...on I continue. I'll be incorporating more green smoothies and juices into my diet (shockingly, beet, apple and carrot wasn't half bad) and the kids' meals. They beg for them and I'm not going to turn them down! Luke has already concocted spinach, orange, kiwi and banana...also known as a "Luke Sunrise".

If renewing a love of veggies and fruits in my kids is all I accomplished...then I didn't fail. I can't be disappointed! What an amazing four days. Would I do it again? Perhaps.

Never say never. :)

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Andrea said...

Oh amaze me. Hands down! You lasted 4 freaking days on that?? AND like you said, when you "cheated" it was with a healthy meal. Kudos to you my friend. Kudos to you.

And you're totally right in what you said a couple of days ago - "I can't do it" is really just saying "I don't want to do it."

You're a wise - and very strong - woman. I look up to you BIG time!