Monday, April 30, 2012

Conquering It All

      Today we met with Avery's therapist to discuss her medication. It has been amazing for us, combined with therapy and we have chosen to continue it for a few more months. This will allow her body to learn how to sleep properly and we then can slowly wean her off of it and let her body take over.

      We then met with her other therapist to discuss her progress. Which has been...a lot. She is making eye contact when she speaks now. Her aggression and outbursts of anger are diminishing. Her moods are regulating. She has learned how to verbalize what she is feeling, rather than simply becoming frustrated and lashing out. Her sleep has improved and the nightmares have subsided. She is better able to see right and wrong...and shows remorse when bad choices are made. Her sensitivity issues have lessened. She says, "I love you." She hugs me, without me asking for it. She is helpful, of her own free will. She apologizes...and means it. She has expressed how much she likes spending time with me and when I play with her. She gets along with her siblings (as much as any kid does) and knows how to share and take turns. All of these things have allowed her to actually form relationships with her family, rather than just pushing every one away.

      Those are things that children much younger than her conquered long ago. For a multitude of reasons, Avery didn't. My seven year old is finally catching up emotionally and socially.

       She is doing so well that our therapy meetings that we have every 3-4 weeks are going to be spaced out, unless something comes up. We will check in with both therapists during the summer and see how she is doing...then go from there. I couldn't be happier.

It hasn't been an easy road...but it has been her road.

Our road.


Andrea said...

I was so happy to read this update, my friend! HOORAY for all of your sweet girl's progress - and for you guys for standing by her side through it all!


McKell Anderson said...

Absolutely fabulous news! Thanks so much for sharing! So happy for everyone!! <3