Friday, March 30, 2012

Gone...But Not Forgotten

When did Facebook become an elementary school playground for adults? Name-calling, bullying tactics, snide remarks, ganging up on each other. Really?

Watch any cyberbullying special on Dateline or 60 Minutes and any normal adult would be shocked at the emotional and mental trauma that our youth now has to endure, in addition to walking the halls at school. Now, stop and realize that Facebook has made it okay...and depending on who you are, funny, to do the same thing to our adult peers. What is that teaching our kids? Our grand kids? Our nieces and nephews? What if the things you are posting were being said about your daughter or son?

I know that from this moment on I will be extra careful about anything I post. What I say out of blind hatred and fury now, I know I will regret later. We've become a society that thinks that the "delete" button forgives us from what we say, but it doesn't. Removing what you say from your timeline doesn't remove the damage that you've caused in someone's life.

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