Thursday, March 29, 2012

Immune System Shot...Patience Gone

I've stalked my nursing school application in every way possible now. I check Weber's website daily to see if they've changed my status from "Nursing School Applicant" to something else. I've called the bank to trace the money order to make sure Weber actually cashed it, on time. (They did.) I've done everything except actually call the school, begging and pleading. Which to be honest I only haven't done because it was highly discouraged in the application packet... I attack the mailman like a crazy ninja, every single day.

Only 17 more days until April 15th; the day they advised us that we would definitely know by. I really didn't think they would drag it on this long. I think about it every single day.

My stress level is through the roof. Between surviving the last month of this semester, dealing with the last semester of the kids' school and all the projects, field trips, plays and book reports that brings, training for all my summer runs, working 40-50 hour weeks and waiting for people I don't know to decide my immune system has shut down entirely. I am coughing up a lung, running a low grade fever and sound like Marge Simpson's chain-smoking twin sisters.

But it's cool. If I can survive this, nursing school will be a breeze, right?


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