Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Fun Day - March

For our family fun day this month we loaded up the van (with sixteen pairs of pants, fourteen shirts, eight coats, one snowsuit, seven beanies, eight pairs of gloves and enough hand warmers and foot warmers for up to ten hours of warmth...) and headed up to Soldier's Hollow for a couple hours of tubing fun. If you live in the area and have never been, it is a must go to spot. Even Peanut, at only three years old, was a fearless, giggling bundle of fun!

Everyone got their own tube and ran to the line to hook up, be pulled up the mountain and go RACING down at speeds this Momma Bear doesn't want to begin to guess.
Our friend Bek came along to help even out the ratio of kid to adult, which worked out great! Ry usually hooked to me, Avery hooked to Bek, Peanut was with Bay and Luke was with Josh...or on his little daredevil...
I think they had just as much fun riding the cable up the mountain as they did coming down!
Nothing but smiles and giggles, all day long!

We all had such a wonderful day! The kids went up and down and up and down until they kicked us off the mountain, we grabbed dinner on the way home and they were all snoring before long. I love these days...and these memories...more than I can explain.

Next up? They've voted for dinner and a movie. I can't wait! :)

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