Monday, March 12, 2012

And So It Begins...

I met with Avery's therapist this morning regarding her sleep. She has been taking a small dose of Melatonin each night in order to fall asleep and it works great. However, she has been having a few nightmares and waking up at 3:30 am, never to return to sleep again. She also wakes after ten hours of sleep still feeling very groggy and swears she was never sleeping.

In order for her to have a better nights sleep and actually get into a deep sleep, she is going to start taking a very small dose of trazadone. Trazadone is an anti-depressant, however when used in children they found that it was too sedative, so it's not typically used for treating depression. However, they did find that it works great when used before bed, in order to help the child relax. This should allow her to feel rested in the morning and with a good night of rest...that could really help with her moods! She will begin with half a pill and increase to a full pill, if needed. Her therapist also advised me that a few children need melatonin and trazadone, but we are going to give this till the end of April to see if that would be the case for Avery.

I'm nervous..but really excited to try something that may make a big difference for her. We noticed that this last "cycle" of hers (typically her moods cycle from high to low about every 4 days) was exceptionally long. We got a basically happy Avery for about two and a half weeks before any extremely out of control episodes. Helping her voice her emotions more and forcing her to isolate when she is losing control, has seemed to make a really big difference. It's still not perfect. It's still not easy. But I'm loving that we are finding steps in the right direction.


DizzyMamma said...

I am just starting on this journey with my, soon to be, 7 year old. I have posted on your page before, and have been following your progress with Avery, but kept trying to 'wait and see' with my girl. Finally, we decided waiting was not making anything better for anyone, least of all her, and now we are on the road to finding ways to help her with her moods and concentration issues, and also help me with mine (it seems my darling daughter may not be the only one who possibly has ADHD - embarrassed cough - looks like I may be where she got it from - actually would explain A LOT!!)

I am glad you are getting somewhere with things now. I actually started a blog on here (the-defiant-ones) to log how things go with Freyja, and I would love for someone with experience like yourself to give any feedback or maybe a guest post sometime. I am going to try to get it used by Moms here in Calgary, AB, who are having similar experiences with their kids, kind of a support group for the frazzled (and potentially ADHD) mom! Best wishes!

Lacey Sue said...

So thankful that you are finding things to help the Avster! She is such a tender sweet girl, I am thankful there are ways for her to be as helped and as supported as possible. You and Josh are amazing parents- she couldn't have gone to two better folks! Hoping this helps with her rest/sleep! She is in my prayers!

Rachel said...

Trazadone isn't just for kids. lol That's what I take for sleep :)
Good luck! Sound's like things are headed in the right direction!