Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Am Meant To Do This

I printed off my nursing school application today. That, alone, was enough to cause me to hyperventilate. However, I was happy to see that in addition to attaching my transcripts and filling out the usual questions, I get a chance to personalize the application a little bit. In a one page paper, I have to give an account of all the things I have accomplished that have given me the greatest satisfaction, what I enjoy doing most in my leisure time, my reason for selecting nursing as a career, any special reasons for desiring to enter WSU and my plans and aspirations for the future. 

In case you haven't figured it out by now (some 1,080ish posts later)...I like to write. I don't know if I can adequately hit their points, while selling myself as the coolest thing since sliced one page. I want to be creative. I want to catch their eye. I want them to remember me. What I don't want, is to fill any of this out the way that every one else will:

My children are my greatest accomplishment. Well, yeah. Every other 30 year old is going to put that, too. They won't be impressed by that. That screams GENERIC, no matter how true it may be.

I love to read and volunteer in my leisure time. Wonderful. What I'd really like to say is "Leisure time? What is this "leisure time" you speak of? You DO know what I had to accomplish to even be allowed to turn in this application, right?"

I want to be a nurse because I care and I want to help people. Well...yeah...good thing...because I'm going to be doing a lot of personal things for a lot of people and if I didn't care, this career would probably be a bad fit.

Why am I choosing WSU? Is there any other school? Go Wildcats!! I don't have a lot of school spirit. Sorry. I'll represent you well, as a scholar...but that's about where it ends.

In the future I see myself as an amazing nurse, saving the world, one band-aid at a time. Well, of course that's my goal. I wouldn't be applying to the nursing program if I wanted to become a computer engineer...

I don't know how to make a person who I've never met, understand what this means to me. I want to be memorable and impressive and admitted!! I don't know how to adequately explain who I am, in one page. I don't know how to voice my passion and illustrate that I chose this program and this life because there is nothing else I can imagine doing.

I am meant to do this.


Michele B. said...

I have stared at these questions off and on all day asking the same questions and trying to figure out how to distinguish my self from others and how to articulate why I need this...why I want this! Good Luck..I know you will find the words that will make you stand out :).

Annie said...

you CAN do it! you are inspiring. go wildcats...i can hear the enthusiasm in your writing, ha:)