Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 13...

Today is day 13 that I have been sick. I will spare you the awesome details, but to sum it up, I have been unable to keep any food in me for 13 days. My stomach feels like I have been punched repeatedly, from the endless days of sickness. I feel fine, otherwise; no fever, body chills or respiratory issues.

I went to see the doc last Friday, because I had had enough. (And because everyone pressured me to go...)She is guessing gastroenteritis, which typically lasts up to 10 days. They will not run further tests until I've had it at least 14 days and the test won't be fun. >>Eww<< I guess at that point they will try to pinpoint the exact bug that is causing my entire digestive track to be inflamed and painful. Then they can prescribe the right meds to kill it. (Right now, if they gave me the wrong antibiotics it could make it worse.)

She suggested the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) for a few days and to see if that helped. It seemed to a little bit (except I was STARVING all the time.) Then I started bring normal foods back into my diet and now I'm not hungry and I'm in a lot of pain.

It's a great for weight loss...I'm at about -7 lbs...although I know it's not real weight loss, nor is it healthy. I just want it to go away, so I can eat and drink normally again...and not feel so drained. Anyone else ever had something like this?


Candygirlflies said...

Ew. That's crummy. And, there are a few things it could be, which they will test you for (as a fellow-mother, you will be cringing right now, because you know what I'm talking about).

The good news is that these things are totally treatable. The bad news is that they're usually contagious-- is anybody else there feeling greebly??

On another tack, have you ever had to have a scope? I had a rough time with a bad ulcer a few years ago, which gave me similar symptoms.

I'm so sorry you're not well... Know I'm thinking of you!

xoxo CGF

Leeann said...

Well hello, beautiful stranger! :)

Strangely, I'm the only one. So it leads me to believe it's NOT what she thinks, because as you know...that's usually pretty contagious.

I've been scoped before because of a suspected PFO, but never had an upper GI. That one was miserable and I really would like to avoid another if possible. :\

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you and your wonderful family are well!

Mrs White said...

Whatever it is, I definitely hope that you feel better soon and find out what the problem is. It's hard to enjoy life when we are feeling ill. Speedy recovery to you.